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The Delhi Canteen 

The place is as bright and colorful as the board reads out. Very well created sitting space with lot to indulge in from drinks to twisted food to the lovely Ambience.

What makes this place truly remarkable is,  it’s been managed and operated by a women #PoojaGulani who is managing this place alongside her catering business. And the best part is all the recipes here are curated by her.

You can make out from the restaurant pictures itself how much detailing has gone in creating and beautifying this cute little space into a beautiful sitting. Each wall talks so much of DILii, don’t believe me check it out for yourself.

As I was sitting at the restaurant with the gang and was having a soar throat I thought of starting with soups and ditching the mocktails ( though something inside me was itching for something chilled), In the interest of my health I settled for a Khao Suey Veg soup.

Have a look on the soup made by me ,  well we’ll don’t be surprised that’s what you can do that too because that’s how their soups are … Delicious and rest up-to you to garnish with stuff of ur choice

Served with soup stock in a soup bowl along with these yummy looking toppings to add as per your choice. While I envied everyone else’s Mocktail this for sure made me feel good about my choice thanks to my health 🙂

So if you love soups Or loved any of the toppings then you must order this soup.and add anything from chopped Mushroom, corriander , spring onions,  caramalised onion and garlic,  peanuts or dry noodles and load your bowl of health.

Just giving you a glimpse of what the gang had

#Chatpataka -a cooler with thumbs up and lots of chatpata masala and our very own #virginmojito – great on taste and fizz.

And one of them ordered a Chocolate Kit Kat shake and I just had one sip from each of the three cursing my state. As all of them were so good.

Getting on to food : something that’s really in there fun to read , well I am talking about the menu. Just like the dishes the names are also very well curated.

Nacho nacho : a tasty twist of nachos baked with Rajma, tomato salsa and tamarind chutney along with in-house  minty greek yogurt sauce. It was too filling.

Kulcha Vulcha

Again a twist with normal Delhi street food Kulcha. These ones come with saute vegetables great on taste and Kulcha done in loads of butter. This is topped with in house sour creme truly fresh and delicious.

Coming to main course had the regular Dal makhani and naan.

Dessert – Caramellody

The dessert served in a jar is basically a jar chocolate cake which is served with salted caramel and you have to pour the caramel over the chocolate cake. If you like Salted caramel you will like it. Else there is few more options like Jamuna Paar for me , so Delhi….

So overall a small cute cozy place to indulge in good food and more.

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