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Chawla 2 – Chawla’s Experience redefined

Chawla’s 2 is one of the most common brand name that  is present in most of the locations serving  authentic north indian cuisine. So all i knew about Chawlas was this is one  restaurant generally found in most of the locations as a quick take away or partial dine in option  and not just that i have come across a lot of Chawla’s like the Agarwal sweets one around everywhere with names like  Chawlas, Chalwa chicken corner, Chawla tandoori junction etc etc  But this Chawla’s 2 ( read as Chawla’s Square ) was the best chawla’s experience ever. And changed my perception about this name completely with such fine experience that stayed more than its food in my system.

A restaurant that is very beautifully done  right from the entry till the dine in area and even the washroom . The lights are just apt for the ambience and a great mood setter either you are looking for a cozy corner, a date setting or a Family lunch / dinner this place is a perfect place to checkout.whatsapp-image-2016-12-28-at-10-26-38-pm

Different sections within the same space to offer sitting that is not closed yet private 
Just for 2 of you 


washing hands is a healthy habit 
Great setting for a huge gang 

So whats the food to go for here, Well this is a place for non veg, truly a heaven for chicken lovers.

The menu out here is quite elaborate from Chinese to Italian food to north Indian food, Vegetarian and non veg options including chicken, mutton ,fish items. A huge range of curry dishes to pick for main course with the choice of bread.

And also a good range of chinese food from dimsums to fried rice& Noodles. apart from this lot of options of Pizza’s, Burgers and Pasta to choose from.

I tried veg Dimsums and fried for a change , and trust me the size of the Momos was really good with a perfect crisp outside and nicely stuffed inside.

Veg Fried Dimsums Rs. 320/- + 50/- for fried Dimsums
Classic Margherita Veg – Rs. 320/- 
Penne in Alfredo pasta sause – Rs. 350/- 


Pasta was very nicely made with just the right quantity of sauce not too dry not too soupy, served with buttered garlic bread and black olives.

so overall a great experience of dining with a very quick service and quite helpful in explaining the ingredients and the process on asking and helping you decide.

The portion sizes are good too ,so overall its a value for money deal.

Though you might feel the main course and curry dishes are little expensive but for the ambience and the service it is definitely worth it.

So have a redefined Chawla’s experience next time when you dine at Chawla’s 2, and don’t miss to check out another offering from them in the basement that shares the same entrance – 18+ LOUNGE a perfect place for a quick break fast bites and complete dine in and as the name suggests a youthful dining lounge.

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