Maharaja Thali – A Royal treat at Vega CP

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Vega Pure Vegetarian since 1980 ( thats precisely even before i was born )

If you are a vegetarian and on a food trail in the heart of Delhi – Connaught Place then you can head to this place without a second thought. A cozy corner spread across a floor with a comfortable chair sitting and dim lights yet sufficiently bright.


And if you are thinking what are the options to pick for lunch or dinner from a Vegetarian menu then be rest assured this is something you don’t have to worry upon. With their Maharaja Thali on the menu you just have to plan an evening or an afternoon out at Vega.

Entry to the Restaurant 

As we entered the staff at the reception helped us with a pre set table with their newly launched menu on the table. Without a thought we asked for a Maharaja Thali – And the royal feast started. As per their menu states it’s a tribute to royality, an elaborate dawaat (feast ) from the majestic region of northern india. There is a Maharani version of this thalli too if you want to save some extra bucks.


special Party space 

Starters & Beverage

It was hardly 5-7 minutes since we were seated on this corner table and the royal treat started with a cold milk based drink called THANDAI – and this was the best ever thandai that i had in CP. Perfect consistency  and mild sweet drink which was niether chilled nor hot just perfect cold.

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-25 at 12.58.02 PM (16).jpeg
Thandai a sweet way to start a meal

In the starters we were literally spoiled with choice –  Aloo Masala  & tandoori Soya chaap (not a part of thali) and a complete vegetarian platter which had option which you truly cant finish and mini samosha served with 3 different chutneys – Green chutney, red tomato sauce and a Tamarind chutney.

Samosa with a range of Chutneys -Small & Delicious 
WhatsApp Image 2016-12-26 at 8.08.03 PM.jpeg
Tandoori Soya Chaap 
Aloo Masala – Super spicy 
Veg Tandoori Platter 

So these samosas were really yummy and their size will not take you on a guit trip. Aloo masala true to their name was Super spicy, even if you remove the green chilli garnish still it will give you run for a glass of water so a perfect pick for people who love spicy food. Tandoori platter is something i would love to explain in details  – the portion size was really good and the combination was a perfect blend of taste and ingredients from spicy and crisp Tandoori mushroom , Paneer and soya chaap to mild and creamy broccoli complemented with scooped & stuffed tandoori aloo with a palate neutralizing salad to go with. The best thing about the Starters here was nothing was too oily, everything was very crispy.

And yes Tomato sorba was good too.

It was time for main Thali & it was a grand thali needless to say with an option of four veggies – Kadi , matar paneer , palak pakora  and gatte ki sabji , it had the salad bowl a bowl of fruits , dahi bhalla , a bowl of rice and a bowl of sewaiyaan



The bread basket was something to truly look for and it had options which were truly outstanding from a green chilli tandoori roti to ginger bread ( i had this for the first time and it was great for a troubled throat ), missi roti , palak roti and 2 options in poori as well from whole wheat poori and a palak poori. Keep a check what all you can consume and take the servings in accordance.

Green chilli Tandoori roti – must try 
Garlic Roti 
Multiple serving kits on the counter 

Now since we had Sewaiyan in this thalli we were really not expecting sweets after we were done with food, and here he came with asking for a choice of DESSERTS.

Options were – Gulab jamun , Kulfi and ice cream. we asked for a recomendation and he recommended kulfi and when it came it was worth a trial

Matka Kulfi – Perfect way to end a meal 

Well once we were done with our lunch and asked for bill, even the bill came in style like this

Paan , mouth freshner and tooth picks 

whats to look out in the Maharaja Thali 

  • Plan your portions well – budget how much you wish to consume what from starters to main course to desserts
  • Starters and Desserts are limited so you can get refill / second serve
  • Main course is unlimitted so can keep asking for unlimited food
  • A rule of one is applicable here, you cant share a thali. so only walkin if you are really really hungry else you will not get value for money as the Thali costs Rs. 545/- Plus taxes though right now it is for Rs. 500/- All inclusive. and its a great value for money deal
  • Take your time to have food as they are in no hurry either
  • Dont miss to give instruction for your preferences. they really take it well.
  • Dont ignore giving feedback as they are really serious about it
  • Dont be afraid to ask the preparation process or recipe of the food you like the staff is all pro to explain. I tried making Aloo Masala at home  and it came out well.


Overall a good vegetarian dining experience and a must try restaurant.


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