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18+ Cafe & Lounge – New place on the Block in Noida


So heres a new place in Sector 41 , adjacent to the “Theos ” that definitely grabs your attention right from the road. 18+ I am sure hits you in more than one way, This quirky , nicely done place is a great stop over for cafe lovers and foodies off course. Since its right across a lot of residential society , so one thing you are ought to fall in love with is the menu.


The space is beautifully designed creating a lot of spaces with very unique decor, Entry has garden look on the left  with lots of green and high rise  table sitting and a nicely done comfortable sofa  sitting for the romantic dine out.


As you move further the entire wall keeps you engaged with lots of fun posters with lovely messaging on the entire left side while the entire right wall and the bar area with lovely lights and motorbikes. They have a lot of quirk all around the cafe that ads to the flavor of 18+ cafe, the Bar area saying “Tumse na ho payega ” has a satirical connotation.

Best part is every side has a different theme and that adds to so much variety in the cafe from an interior point of view.

Bar Area , Dont miss the Motor bike miniatures over the glasses 
Right Wall of the Cafe 
The miniature of the Bikes – each one different from the other 
Left Wall, even while dinning this is a fun engagement 


So i started with my mocktail while my friend started with Hookah.

WaterMelon love 
WaterMelon love and Classic cold coffee 
Pasta Alfredo
Chick in Pizza

The best thing about your pizza here is you can customize the Pizza as much as you want from your veggies to your toppings preference and thats why the Pizza is priced as your style pizza Veg, Non veg and Mix for 325, 350 & 375/- each. So be your own boss and instruct the chef at 18+ to make it to your palate.

Probably one of the best and most elaborate Menu’s i have come across in Noida, And the Menu’s look is also as vibrant as the brand. When you are taking your family out for a breakfast i think this place is going to sought out the choice of menu with their options in breakfast trays. The breakfast spread starts at as low as 300 to 395/- with 4 options  and trust me the spread is sufficient for one person and more so when you have  quite a few options to choose from. And the best part is its available all day long.

18+ Menu 

# Desi Tray – this is irish breakfast option with egg of choice, stir fried veggies, bacon, sausages, beans, mashed potatoes, toast butter and jam with a beverage of choice from Tea, coffee or juice

#Mrs Chawla tray – this is indian Breakfast with Parantha , chole , samosa, Karare Aloo, ,gulab jamun, lassi, curd. So finally Mrs Chawla gets featured in the menu 🙂

Mrs. Chawla’s Tray 

#Healthy Tray – Bowl of muesli or cornflakes, cut fruits, eggs , stir fried veggies,toast and choice of beverage

#Budget option – Poha , Parle G (I am not kidding its seriously there ), Bread omelette , bun maska with masala cutting chai.

So i tried the Mrs Chawla’s tray and this was one breakfast menu which has my favorite things handpicked and made in an assortment, it cant get better than this. Samosha and parantha are my all time favorite so this one was completely my pick for myself. (As  if i only created the combination else who ll think of keeping samosa with Parnatha then karare aaloo and chole , happy to see people out there like such combos). For sure this should not be told to your dietician as its made for a foodie.

This place is named 18+ but with the items on menu they have really worked it around with customization yet hassle free is what is the key here. from the breakfast tray to north Indian food all main course dishes comes with Lacha parantha  , but keeping a flat price for the Gravy dish with a bread item is a great idea. truly loved this innovation.


Butter Masala with Laccha Parantha 


Desserts : The Dessert options are great too. Pan Cakes and Wafles with a choice of toppings  at Rs. 150 + 40/- for each topping, brownie with choclate sauce and ice cream, Cheese cake, 18+ sundae , Gulab jamun and Banoffee Ball.

Banoffee ball and Gulab jamun 

Overall a great experience on food and service, the entire team takes the feedback well and explains each and every item on the menu from food to the quantity helping you to decide what and how much you would like to eat , not really pushing you to order more which was a nice thing.

In most of the restaurants people tend to serve you really fast so that you have and leave, but here they are more into the experience and ensure you like the food and you are happy with the quantity too.

So stay 18+ forever, if you cant come over here and explore 18+ cafe and lounge.


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