Foodhall Masterclass with Norwegian Salmon

Foodhall along with Norwegian Seafood council for India had organized for a hands on live demo of few amazing and easy to make recipes with fresh Water.Norwegian Salmon can be grilled , streamed , fried and even enjoyed as curry. Lets Explore the fusion dishes with Salmon by chefs at Foodhall

Nothing is more exciting for foodies than being invited to a masterclass with experts in a cuisine who not only share the recipes but enrich us with so much knowledge around that cuisine and  food as a whole.


Foodhall along with Norwegian Seafood council for India had organized for a hands on live demo of few amazing and easy to make recipes with this fresh Water fish Salmon. Before we get into the dishes and recipes lets understand this fish.

Salmon Kebabs on Display in Meat section

In college i have studied about this fish , they have a beautiful journey where they are born in fresh water then go to sea and are back in fresh water to reproduce. during this time they have a lot of skin color changes. So Salmon pronounced as Saemen (L silent ), Norway is among one of the largest producer of these fishes from normal to organic farms they are cultivated in huge numbers.

Meat Market of #Foodhall
Salmon packs starts at Rs. 550/ – for a 100gm pack to Rs. 950/- for 300 gm at Foodhall

Why Norwegian Salmon ?

Fishes are loaded with health nutrients, so is Salmon. Excellent source of essential Omega 3 fatty acids ,protein , unsaturated fat, mineral & vitamins, rich in iron, iodine , selenium , Vitamin A, B& D.

  • Good for heart and reduces cardiovascular diseases.
  • aids the prevention of arthritis & psoriasis
  • Is beneficial in development of eyesight

Almost 12 million meals of Norwegian Salmon are served worldwide so this definitely does not need any introduction. Norwegian Salmon can be grilled , streamed , fried and even enjoyed as curry. More than its taste i loved its color.

Yogi Shergill in the Centre with the Entire Team

In this interactive workshop, Yogi Shergill, Vice Counsel, Royal Norwegian Consulate  & his team gave insights into the nuances of  cooking Salmon, knowing when it’s cooked with a hand trick, flavours that go along with and also of the major differences between the Indian Salmon and the Norwegian variety.

Though i Got late for this workshop but still managed to catch up with 3 dishes demo and truly loved each one of them (Click here for Video )

  • Smoked Norwegian Salmon with rice Salad  (Click for full recipe ): This is probably the easiest to cook and a quick one too. Smoked salmon slices which were very finely sliced added an amazing flavor.


  • Norwegian Salmon kebab with coriander yogurt. ( Click here for full recipe ) : This was also not a very difficult to make, apart from the marination time it was also quite a doable recipe.




  • Amritsari Tawa Salmon  (Click for Recipe ): This one was my favorite of all the 3 which i could attend. Made with chole as the base , it was a true fusion of a cold water norwegian salmon with Amritsari tawa chole.
Chole and Salmon in preparation


Garnishing in Action – Setting Salmon on Bed of Chole
Amritsari Tawa Salmon

What i really loved about the entire experience from the above recipes was this Cold water norwegian salmon dishes were completely Indianised as their name suggests and from flavors to preparations were so much like our indian dishes that it seemed that they have perfectly calibrated the dishes for Indian Palate.

I have never had Salmon before , But after this workshop i feel like trying my hands on the recipes above and off course i would definitely try to add my own twist to the Salmon fish.

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