Benefits of Radish & a radish recipe

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Radish commonly caller Mooli is not loved by many and is a veggie that has got more jokes on its consumption than the commonly known benefits.

So why should we include this wonder veggie in our list , here’s few points to consider.

High source of Vitamin C Radish can contribute 25% of your daily requirements with 100gm consumption helps rebuild tissues , blood vessels and also keeps your teeth and bones healthy.

Aids digestion : Radish is high on fiber as they contain indigestible carbohydrates,this keeps your system flushed and functioning with regularity. and these properties also makes it an ideal veggie to relieve congestion.

Cures cold and cough:  with its anti-congestive properties Radish helps in clearing the mucus formed in your throat, thus it’s important to include in your diet to improves your immunity.

Prevents Cancer : Since radish is rich in phytochemicals and anthocynins serving as anti-carcinogenic properties. Additionally, they have antioxidants and vitamin C , this helps in getting rid of free radical damage to the DNA inside the cells thus preventing cancer.Radishes also contain an important isothiocyanate antioxidant compound called sulforaphane, a proven inhibitor of prostate, colon, breast, ovarian and other cancers.

Ideal for  Diabetics : Since radish is very High in fibre, complimented with a low glycemic index, therefore diabetics can enjoy radish as it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to rise.

Regulates Blood pressure : Radish is rich in potassium that helps maintain the sodium-potassium balance in our body, keeping blood pressure under control. And due to potassium radish is known for anti hypertension properties that controls high blood pleasure.


Helps you recover from jaundice:Radish is powerful when it comes to eliminating toxins. This helps keep a check on the destruction of red blood cells caused by Jaundice.Eating radishes can help in the removal of bilirubin, jaundice occurs when bilirubin builds up in  bile faster than the liver can break it.The beneficial properties in radishes also inhibit red blood cell damage by supplying fresh oxygen to your blood.

Ideal for weight loss : this is no brainer as Radish is extremely low on calorie and very high on fiber. so have as much as you want to hit your weight loss target.

Helps asthma patients: Radish has anti congestive properties that make them extremely beneficial for asthmatic patients.

Good for skin:Radish have antibacterial, anti fungal , and detoxifying properties, and contain compounds that soothe rashes, dryness, and other skin disorders.

Good food for kidney : Radish are naturally-heated veggies may help put an end to any burning sensation experienced during urination. That may be because radishes are a natural diuretic, purifying the kidney and urinary systems and relieving inflammation.

So now you have more than required information to include this wonder veggie in your diet as salad, in paranthas, vegetable and as an ingredient to most of the food preparations.

Folate, fiber, riboflavin, and potassium, as well as good amounts of copper, vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, and calcium are less prominent nutrients that support the healthy properties of radishes. Another mouthful of phytochemical goodness in radishes includes detoxifying agents called indoles, and the powerful flavonoids zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta carotene.


Radish Burji Recipe 

Radish is known to be a good for our health and comes really handy in winters, white radish and green leaves does look good but most of the time when we pick this vegetables we rarely consume the green leaves, most of the times even the seller removes them and trashes the part which is loaded with nutrients.  here is a quick fix recipe for you to consume these leaves.


Ingredients : 250 gm Mulli (Radish with leaves ), 100 gm Moong dal (Dulli and chilka mixed ) , Garlic – 1 full (10-12 pieces ), a pinch of asafoetida,2 green chilli , 1 spoon cumin seeds, salt and red chilli to taste and 1 teaspoon oil.


Cut the white portions separate it from green leaves. finely chop the green leaves and 1:2 ratio of white portion in small peices , Take a cooker and  boil chopped radish and leaves  with pinch of salt and soaked Moong Dal.

After 1 whistle take the cooker off the flame and when it cools strain the radish stock in a strainer to get rid of  excess water.

Put a non stick pan on flame and add a teaspoon oil, add cumin seeds, asafoetida, peeled and cut garlic and chiili when cumin seeds crackle. Add the strained stock and let it cook to crisp.Radish bhaji is ready for use, serve hot.

This preparation can also be used as stuffing for making stuffed parantha and it would be high on protein alongside all benefits of radish as it contains moong dal.

Enjoy this wonder food as you like but dont miss it for all it has to offer on nutrient values.



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