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Junglee Billee – Time to go catty over BRUNCH


I have always heard of “Paet main chuhe khud rahe hai “, while one got hungry but a restaurant would be named Junglee Billee Just because only a Cat can prey the rat (Hunger) was never in my wildest imagination.So while i was evaluating the Brunch Menu invite for this place, all i wondered was why this place is named so. I am sure this name does ring bells.

So the moment i entered this place the first thing i asked was

why JUNGLEE BILLEE , And bang came the answer from the C.E.O – Rajiv Bajaj (Click here for Video ). GK M block is famous for its street style fashion shopping , so the idea behind this place is to serve the Diva’s in a very unique way making out a space for them that offers a sense of privacy & security , a menu that is curated with women in ming, a shopping space for her to unwind to and a lot of nature along with dinning as the women of today are so outgoing and this place respects the women a lot.

Can you make out the Cat Logo in the Red Gate

This place won my heart with its boutique vibrant quirky look full of royal colorful patterns and  Undoubtedly this is an unique , royal yet modern, designer eatery and lifestyle destination dedicated to the deserving Divas of modern times.Lets have a look at the Interiors and  I just loved the way they have played with the fabric and the wall paper and have gone an extra mile to sync in with really expensive cutlery everything so much in sync with so much detailing , Designer spaces are definitely a women’s thing and this place too is  designed by a Diva herself namely Jasmine Bindra.And the way they have let the natural light take over the artificial light is amazing. This place is spread across 3 floors and each floor has used the Facade to let people look out in open, keeping it a space like our own balcony. The furniture is very stylish, uniquely done and very comfortable yet royal.

Balcony of the Level 1 On first floor- I wish i can enjoy a hot beverage while it rains outside
The Bar on the level 1
Another corner from level 1
sitting next to Bar on level 1
level 2
Buffet area on level 2
live band and sitting on level 2
Jewellery on sale on level 2

Third level has an open air sitting with lots of green and a fountain that gives you a feel of a waterfall. and a grill next to it is delight along with an open air bar, a space that is beautifully used. Loved this place and i am going to come back with kids for sure. Imagine the sound of water and air along side the live grill aroma.

view infront of the Bar


Water body on level 3
covered sitting on level 3

Everything about the Brunch Menu 

When we talk of Mumbai Food the first thing that comes to our mind is vada pao and pao bhaji but very few people know that mumbai food has got an influence of European cuisine, Parsi cuisine and Konkoni style of food preparation.while you go through the menu you can see the Mumbai tadka with almost all dishes in the way they are named, So the Chef here Mr. Pawan Bisht (Ex Olive & bar New Delhi )has tried Bringing the flavours from all the corners of Mumbai to Delhi, for the Mumbaikars and Gujratis staying in Delhi. Taste ranging from Khau Gully to Patel Bhai Farsan corner to the colada cafes’. The Brunch menu is being curated and hand crafted by Chef Pawan keeping in view what you would want on your plate when you are on a buffet date. An elaborate 6 course menu that offers Soup, Salad, Antipasti (the cold appetizers ), main course buffet (Bread and buffet 2 veg and 2 non veg), Live grill , drinks & Desserts starting from 16th Oct till the winters.

Started with my Mocktail – Cinderella (Watch here how its made )


1 From Mumbai Section on order

  • Bhel puri
  • Pav Bhaaji
  • Sabudana Popcorn
  • Akuri Pav
  • Keema Pav
  • Kalejy Fry Pav
Mumbai Bhel Puri
Keema Pav
Sabudana Popcorn

2  Choice of egg

3 Soup – Cream of mushroom


4 Live Salad station


My Salad with Mushroom Patte

5 Cold Antipasti  & Cold Meat platter

6 Live Grill


7 Gourmet Cheese Platter

8 Pasta station


9 Buffet

  • Seven Vegetable Casa Blanca
  • Ratatouille Lasagna
  • Morrocan Chicken stew
  • Goan Fish Curry



  • Raspberry Brownie Mousse
  • Walnut Pudding
  • Baked Yoghurt
  • Chocolate cake
  • Creme Brule
  • Mava cheese cake
  • Lemon curd tart


Dessert on my Plate and if you like the plate you can buy it too & i mean it

Isnt it too much to handle and trust me the food was outstandingly delicious.

Also the best thing i liked was Saute Vegetable pizza that i ordered as per the Chef’s suggestion and you can never go wrong with the chefs selection so was this.A  perfectly thin crust with a layer of sauce and loads of vegetables and cheese.


Overall had a great indulging experience and the hospitality was amazing, even as a routine the chef is himself available to tell people about the menu and things to opt for that’s how it came across.

While i was coming out, i saw a kitty party was going on of middle-aged women and it was a great sight.

I wish to come back to this place with my kids and would wish it rains too that day, as i personally feel it would be great to enjoy this place while its drizzling outside.

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