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The Grub Fest : Be Grubbed with your little ones

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When the food communities are  buzzing with the updates on “The Grub fest ” , how can you not attend this one being a foodie. Love for food takes you  places and event like these brings those  food joint to a place and this time it is at JLN Stadium.


Herein are few picks from my visit today at this fest.

Entry : The entry for visitors and box office is on the gate no 14 of JLN Stadium, Its better to Buy ticket online rather than being in line for your ticket.and if you are in a group , let one person do it for you.



Security Check They would not allow any kind of eatables except the baby food not even the water bottle. So be careful that you dont carry any eatable in your bag, else you will end up dumping it at the security check.

Have always contemplated that one should visit a Food festival like these with kids or not , and for this one my answer is Yes to an extent.

Why to bring your little to the Grub Fest

Very rarely it happens these days that you tend to take your little ones especially kids under 10 yrs to a food trail or a food festival as we tend to assume they are very crowded. so to an extend yes we should avoid it in the bee hours but still a round to this place is better than going to a Mall ( provided the weather is pleasant ).

So here are quick things / points you can enjoy with your little one

# Cakeatouille : This cute little counter right infront as you enter the exhibition space by Ankita Jain who is a home baker is a must to try for the cute little cakes to start with a sweet treat. If your kids are not a cup cake person , then choco pops are a great pick here.


Such cute small cup cakes, pink for the little princess.

#TheSweetStory  : Yet another counter by a home baker Juhi Gupta with  few very very interesting picks for the little ones. Though they have a great range of designer cakes starting from 1600/- per Kg which are made on order. but what unique for the little ones is the popcorn that is done in a Candy ,coated with marshmallow and called Marshmallow pops priced at Rs. 50/- is a must try if your little one loves popcorn or the cute little chocolate of his favorite character/ shape . these are small in size and kid would be able to consume it by the time you reach the open space.

Marshmallow Pops
Chocolates and chocolate pops

# Movie Screening


#Circus : As the name goes this place is not a circus for sure, so while the adults have fun let the kids enjoy this cutely done space with a lots of fun elements as decor. a quick balloon to be grabbed as you enter to photo props it has a lot of interesting stuff for you with awesome messaging.


This is all they have on offer along with that photo props
Cute decor
Let them keep playing with colors and count the lamp

#HeraPeri : so while this place has got a very interesting decor a cycle loaded with flowers. But this one makes its place to the list for the location as this one is right in front of the main performance area so for the love of music the kids and yourself can have a great time. The entire interior is done in pink with a mirror so your girls would love it for sure.


# Kids play Area  : Now if the Grub Fest has not created this space they would definitely have underplayed the Grub fest  for the little audience. so this is the place for the little one, As all what a kid is looking for is a good ride (Jhullas as mine call them ) and an activity area for them and off course this mickey  and castle bouncee.


And you can enjoy your time just opposite this place at social.

# Social  : This place is not for kids but the decor of this place is a must to be looked into, the entire Logo and decor is done with multi color straws and definitely will click with kids as a take away they can play with straws like this.

#Hastags in the air (It does remind me of XOXO )
count the color of straws

Also the sitting inside is plenty and harmless for kids.

# Zespri : Now this place is retailing just the fruit kiwi so take a healthy pick. a pack of 4 or 10  @ Rs. 39 & 45/- per peice along side this lovely brand mascot to pose with. Trust me it looked more cute in real with those popping eyes.

All for love for fruit

#Hug & Donut Americano : This is simply not just for the name hug but these lick lollies were really tasty simillar to the kings kulfi in taste almost 100% fruit and made in small batches so always fresh, and colors the kids would love for sure . Donuts are probably the best doughnuts priced at 59/- & 69/- is a steal deal.



# Jack Potato : If you kid loves potato and cheese then these lightly spiced baked potatoes are a great pick at Jack Potato in veg / non veg options . loaded with cheese, then one in picture is without cheese. and suggested for kids who are small and cant have much spicy stuff.


# Magic Ice cream : Loved this cute little space with large size glasses with colored liquid and this cute little Telephone booth such a posing point for the little ones. and watching your ice cream done is also a delight here.


# House of Candy : Do i need to say anything about this , the name says it all and this one is the last on my list but the best. The live size mascot dancing to the music is such a delight and his selfie poses are to die for. I am sure you would love him too.


Cute neon color candies
Loved this packaging for COCO Fly – a pack of 6 @ 245/- with this coconut case which your little one can use as a pencil stand later

So overall this a good outing if you select the right points to spend time with kids and let them indulge in their kind of fun , food and Fhotos as there is so much for the Posers to pose around especially the colorful GRUB and The  Education Tree activity area with funny props .

A click  & social share here can get you loads of goodies… so let cuteness go social
Loved this skate board and the entire set up by Informal by  Imperfecto
Up for grab at Imperfecto


Another balloon point is Keventers , though its my personal favorite but missed to click it though here they had a very small counter serving only 4 variants.

Frankly speaking i liked the pricing of most of the food here, there is loads of options for all budgets across the counters and most of the items are priced between 150/- 500/-. so definitely its a budget trip , off course better than a Mall.

A foodie’s Advice – If you are in groups try to share portions and order less then you can consume after all you never know the next counter might have a better option. else take a round first and then decide on where to eat. And for good pictures visit during the sun, dont worry there are plenty of options to chill ard. And do try the Food trucks






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  1. Nice… wish I could attend the fest.
    And heard there is lot of live bands performing too

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