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Cafe Mangii : Wood Fried Pizzas Pastas & More


Best Pizzas are the ones that are food fried. and this place says it loud and clear in its punchline and apparently a reason why i picked up this place for a lunch meet up with a fried at Orion Mall Bangalore on my last trip.

Located on the third floor facing the waterbody of the mall this place has got a great view. so even if you are along out to dine, feel free to pick this one for an Italian cuisine.


A combination of bar sitting and table sitting this place is very nicely done and has got quite a good sitting with lot of natural light and wooden flooring. walls done in red bricks adds to the ambience.

The moment you make yourself comfortable you get a bread basket with butter to kill time while you wait for your order.

Minestrone:  Basil tomato broth with vegetable brunoise. this streaming hot soup is a great blend of vegetables adding to the consistent tomato broth and it tasted great. a must to pick if you love tomato soup.


Bruschetta Assortment : Olive and Tomato salsa with goat cheese , Mushroom and caramelized onions with Parmesean  roasted  peppers  with pesto Mozarella thats how the menu describes this dish. And its a great pick just before you move to the Pizzas and pasta and is very light.Full marks for the presentation.


Penne Romana : A perfectly palatable Pasta made in Porcini creme sauce with wild mushrooms truffle oil. served with garlic breads. I felt the sauce wasn’t as much as it should have been in this dish. but still it was good on taste.


Pizza – Verdure :  Pizzas are the best thing to try here, their signature pizzas are handcrafted in a traditional wood fire brick oven.A pizza with 3 peppers , caramelized onion ,zuccini &  sun dried tomatoes a perfectly baked pizza with a crispy base. loved this pizza and this was one of the best i ever had at Bangalore.


So overall it was a great dinning experience at this place and i am surely going to try it elsewhere as well. the service was good as well.

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