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Guide to Diwali Gift Shopping @ Select CITYWALK

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Diwali is a festival of lights and gifts.And finding just the perfect gift for your loved ones is no less than running a marathon.More than time and budget what bothers us is where to get the ideal gift. Online shopping for that matter had really helped a lot by easing out the shopping woes. But when it comes to gifting nothing beats the handpicked stuff and off course its Diwali it needs to be nothing but JUST PERFECT




So here’s a quick guide to your Diwali gifting shopping right under one roof at Select CITYWALK. I have tried to curate a list basis the preferences / choices of your loved ones whom you are picking the gift for. I have tried to divide the friends in category like Family friends, the diva friend, the Bewada & happily unmarried friend, foodie friends, nature lover and pet lover. and all the gifting options are according to those category of friends.

1.) Religious / Spiritual Friends and family 

While it’s Diwali the gifts which are readily available and makes much sense is something for the Pooja ghar as even the goddess Laxmi is going to shower her blessing here and Ganpati idol is always in demand so here’s few options to pick from for people you wish to delight with something precious for the pooja ghar or simply adding the sparks of Diwali

# Momentz

So these guys specializes into making lovely silverware not sure how many of you remember a silver Ganesha installation at #SCW done by Momentz. So be it about gifting Laxmi Ganesh idols or just Ganesha idols these guys completely nail it.

Another thing to be picked from here is silverware. The carving and designs are to die for. Even the office desk pieces done in silver are a great pick for your superior bosses or business colleague.



A concept by Beliram Tarachand Jain legacy , everything that glitters is precious here and you would found some really exclusive silver and golden hand crafted specimens that are truly a work of art. From Buddha to Ganesha idols , silver wares or simply the horse corner pieces everything is crafted with so much love that these are truly a gift beyond words.And marks a happy Diwali to the receiver.



# Kriti Creations 

As the name suggested this store has everything that is a work of art, and a lot of things which you can pick for your own Pooja ghar ( Temple ) as well. Probably the only brand thats dealing in this category with such detailing, they have some really cool diwali lights and a lot of DIY stuff so that you may create the stuff yourself basis your choice. A visit to this store for Diwali shopping is must.And i am sure you will end up picking not just for Diwali but for Karwa chawth too. So go explore



Hanging Lights, Diya stand  and More



As the name goes this store is a completely a choice spoilers due to its amazing range of really cute, quirky and stylist products. From the Half cup chai Cups, to a chess that can be played with real characters (Raja , Rani, horse , elephant etc ) to the really artistic Diyas. And everything is so colorful and artful that you will go crazy with choices the range starts from as low as Rs. 200/- a item and goes upto Rs. 10000/-. But trust me more than gifting you will end up indulging into picking so much cute stuff for yourself.


for those friends who always ask for Adda cup chai
The chess that is truly Royal and worth the money spent

# Adhya Craft 


This one is in sync with the festival of lights , operated by an NGO this one truly stands for a cause and the products are such fine masterpiece that ignoring them is simply not possible. Adhya Crafts is a social enterprise involved in urbanizing handicrafts, and empowering the artisan community. The enterprise is based on the principle of creating ‘shared value’ i.e., economic as well as social value across the value chain.The intricate designs and motifs on its products truly attract you from far and the range is something you would really find yourself lost on what to pick and what to leave. And they have really amazing products of  art-forms such as Sanjhi, Pattachitra, Terracotta, etc.  and bringing it  to the living rooms.


#Memory Makers 

They have a huge collection of some really cool gifting for a lot of people we always have on list, we might not know their preferences and probably we dont have time to explore them more, so this one is a quick fix for those gifting woes wherein you want to play safe, from little over the top and cute Ganesha Idols to floating stylist candles or may be a cute little box for your fashionista friend. I am sure if you are not convinced with gifting options else where this one would definitely fix that for you.


2 )For the Diva / Designer/ Page 3  friends :

The friend who is always flaunting her Interiorz and is crazy to the moon  for perfection and is a great home cracker.the only option to go for shopping for her / his gift is Casa Pop.

Casa POP is targeted towards the young urban diva and lays emphasis on ‘High Voltage Living’. Reflecting a design language which is chic yet very Indian in its etymology and appealing to the modern cosmopolitan consumer globally. The all-new showcase is a composition of home and fashion accessories by Raseel Gujral Ansal, along with hand-picked products, in tandem with the personality of POP. This one-of-a-kind retail concept has a range of limited edition pieces with appeals to the trendy and vibrant urban consumer. Surely this is a great pick for your ultra modern design freak page 3 friend. One of my favorite pick from here are the scrafs.

The Shop – CASA POP has it all
Modern Blue Art work


Keep it Pink



3) Happily Unmarried / Bewada Friends 

# Happily Unmarried 

This place cant fail you if you want to pick up something for your closest buddy / your best friend on the bar / at times someone who is truly filmy. So much bollywood to click a cord with anyone, and definitely has so much sensible nonsense stuff that you would love to not hate it. And so true is their punch like “Do it for LOVE Not for LIKES”, so this place is my personal favorite too for picking up gifts for my boss to my best friends Bf to my daruwazz friends.

the store




#KAVI : The Poetry Art Project 

Now this was my first visit to this Kiosk and it truly floored me with its colors , its art pieces , its poetry and its unique concept of putting the discarded stuff of my bewada friends to use, Stuff made of Vodka/ wine/ liquor bottles to ear rings of bottle corks , tea coasters the stuff out here is simply amazing , and you would definitely relate to someone in your circle and would pick up more than the required stuff for its cuteness.



These were the cutest pair of earings  ever (Loved the way they were paired – truly poetic )
Recycled Candles #Kavi
“Enjoy the little things ” – It said and I did

one more important thing that you can try is you can carry your bottles and get them done into a piece of art.

4) The foodie Friend 

These are few options for the friend who is a die hard foodie and looks for something to relish in every gift , a treat at a food court / fine dinning is a better option for him/ her rather then those expensive watches / mugs. these options can be for a tea lover, Dough nut lover, the sweet tooth or just a foodie friend

# Barista 

These are the mid range gift packs available at a starting price of Rs. 495 – 1000/- with 3 options , have some cookie assortments from Barista along with Tea and tea glasses / tea mugs. Nice and clean packaging to take away the hasstle from you and you can just choose they will deliver it to your home. So not just foodie this can be a timepass gift for a lot of your people on Gifting list.


# Krispy Creme 

Doughnut are the cutest and sweetest variation in dessert with the choice of toppings you can definitely add a lot of personalization if you know the friend well, and if you don’t go by the random selection , I am sure one of the flavor / toppings would be loved by your friend. Mind the calories so rule this option out to your health freak friend and stick to the option available at Barista – green tea you see. And just look at that “Bring a box bring Joy “- Now can you say no to that.And #KrispyKreme are 100% veg too so a perfect assortment of doughnut for the festive season.


#Happily Unmarried 

Now dont be surprised to read this name on this list, off course I have something here as a pick that i feel will definitely strike a cord with the food lover friend of your. a great range of Aam papad , pappads , mouth freshners and chutneys that are available here definitely are a great pick for the friends who lover either one of those things or all of those things, and its straight from amritsar – At least it has got a click with the punjabi clan.So add some twist with these options and pick and choose as per your taste. At least serves better then those sweet boxes.whatsapp-image-2016-10-11-at-12-20-55-am-1


# The crunch Box 

Probably I am biased behind including this one in my list for my love for pop corn, but just give it a thought is it not a great add on to the Diwali gifting for the friend you had a great time watching those movies with a tub of pop corn, I have picked it to club with my little filmy friend along with a gift from happily unmarried. And these boxes are really cute. only a women would relate to the after use of such cute boxes.


5) For the Pet Lover / Love for Pet

Heads Up for Tails : who said Diwali is only meant for gifting to our Human friends , pets are an integral part of a lot of families and this place is truly a heaven for all those pet lovers. so much of cute stuff for your pets that you ll go nuts picking. Not just that , pick it up to show some love to the friends dog who doesnt like you either. Trust me his feelings will change. and you never know the thing you are trying to convey to his human this might do the trick


6 )The Nature Lover 

This one is the closest to my heart as this is a unique and most special way of gifting, going close to nature is to cherishing the mother earth and en-lighting our lives with the greens.And the reasons for this option as a great option are many , whatever is on your mind this one truly fixes it with the options.

#HomeStore – Nurturing Green 

This is one of my personal favorite space, I had been a big fan of their products for gifting across all occasions since 2011, while they opened their first store at Shipra Mall. The person behind this concept “Annu Grover ” is equally passionate for his products more because they are working towards reducing the carbon footprints by contributing to green gifting. You can find their products in HomeStop , though the range is less but at times this is all you need for a quick decision making as they say “All good things come in small packets”. You would love to know in case you wish to explore more options on green gifting , herein is a link to shop for Plant for a cause –  http://www.nurturinggreen.in  and the list is exhaustive with over 1000 products and a very cute Diwali Packaging. And best part is that it can be delivered to the friend directly.So isnt it taking away the hassle this Diwali with green gifting.

So pick up a gift that stays with your friends a little longer, “Unpolute “- what goes in air goes in you, so have a green Diwali with air purifier plants for gifting.


A combination of indoor and outdoor plants


#Green India

If you looking for gifts for Kids they have so much cute little things to engage the little ones wherein they can do so much of DIY what can be better than doing it on Diwali. If you are looking for gifting something to a friend for her garden you are for sure getting spoiled with options. Indoor plants or outdoor plans you can pick anything for your neighbor , for your office colleague , for your friend kids etc.

In Delhi we definitely need a lot of pure air what can be a better gift than giving your loved ones the plants that can potentially purify the air they breathe in.




And if you are feeling there is so much to shop but who is going to carry it all. Just dont worry Select CITYWALK had already taken care of this thing by arranging for free home delivery of your shopping at Select and you can also avail the porter service for just Rs. 60/- to drop your stuff to your Car. So isn’t Diwali shopping much easier than you could imagine.

Well, Diwali is just around the corner i believe this list can help you fix up your Diwali gifting woes. In case you come across some other options please feel free to add in comments.

“Happy Diwali Gifting to you”

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