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20 Amazing Food to eat in Delhi


“Dilli hai dil walon ki” goes the famous saying about Dili aka very own Capital city of a culturally vibrant country – India. So we ll not be wrong if we call it the food capital too. This city has too much on its platter to offer to win your heart over through your stomach. Food that comes in all size , shape, colors , textures just like the Delhiwallahs.  Food that ads the flavour to the air in Delhi while the environmentalist are still figuring out how to control pollution level, but we bet day is not far when the Health advocates will start working on taking food out of Delhi (just making it sound a bit quirky we know that’s not gonna happen till eternity) . What’s more to the Deliwallas is their unique way of consuming food that seems like a celebration right on the table , Just imagine if the Delliwallas were asked to eat their food without speaking a word,  believe you me they would rather prefer starve then to eat zipping up their vocal cords. We feel Dilliwallas eat their food with 5 senses not just in garden of 5 sense but in all senses ,,does this nonsense made any sense definitely not

You would find certain Food items which are very unique to this city, while there is a lot of food which are indigenous to this city still there are a lot which this city has adopted from other cities. So fellas here’s your quick guide of some handpicked delicacies from in and around Delhi, let’s take you on date with food in Delhi. Its time to romance the dil wala food of Delhi.

  1. Ram Ladoo: Don’t go on the name of this very famous street food in Delhi. “Ram Ladoo ” is probably the only laddo that is not sweet but is definitely round or not who cares till it tastes yummh. Made of fermented moong dal bater, deep fried and served with green cordiander chutney with finely grated radish. Fact about this unique food of delhi is that it’s a azad panchi (a free bird ) therefore you can only relish it on the street and never in a sophisticated place or a mall. So get out and get a little dirty to taste this not so Ladoo , Ram ladoo. If you haven’t had it so far, you are definitely missing on some tempting food. If you still thinking whether you should then let us tell you a plate of ram ladoo costs Just Rs. 20-40 and serves between 8-12 ladoos. Isnt this the cheapest ladoo on earth.someone please nominate this laddo in Limca book of world record.
  2. Shakargand ( Sweet Potato Chat ) : Delhi is one city that make you fall in love with few foods that normally doesn’t even get an entry to your kitchen, we are talking about sweet potato , ,Sweet potato chat is a food from winters. here it  is  baked with love,  tossed in green chutney and sprinkled with spices unique to each one making it and yet again served on the streets , ll definitely win your heart over not just for its taste but also for its high health Q.




  1. Kulche Cholle – Another very common street food in Delhi is Kulche Cholle while some like to call it Cholle kulche , fermented maida bread served with matter cholle . Priced between Rs. 15-25/-  is a complete afternoon meal for many. Served with spicy green chilli pickle , onioin and a slice of lemon. This is a very common lunch for many Dilliwallas. Delhi has now lost the count of students who have graduated and mastered on just a plate of Cholle Kulche , don’t believe us , take a ride to Delhi University.


  1. Aalo parantha – Delliwallas are the new lot of Punjabis whom we call as Funjabis for a over dose of fun they are, you can sue us if you find one person in Delhi who had not had at least 1 Alloo parantha , the most common breakfast option in Delhi and you ll find thousands of small street vendors just serving stuffed paranthas all day long. And few points where you can have this food 24 x7.


  1. Raj KACHORI – we would like to call Raj Kachori a step sister of puri that hails from a royal family. A puri loaded with sprout moong dal namkeen , channa chola, curd, red and green chutney garnished with pomergranate, coriander leaves and shev namkeen is something that you ll find in almost all chaat points and is bold enough to challenge you that you just can’t have more than one. No we are not saying its not Tasty , its actually very filling with over load of so much filling.


  1. Veg Wraps :A wrap is vegetables, and spices rolled into a parantha .
    Probably a complete meal on the go , dinner for many in Delhi. But we think this dish is definitely been invented by a mother who was determined to use all the leftover veggies which a kid would usually deny to eat..


  1. Momos : A dish adopted from north east this is one dish you again find across Delhi that loads the air with spicy red chutney probably Dilliwallas way to shout out their loved for north east food you may read it as love for NORTH EAST, and you will find 90% of the vendors who serves the yummiest momos are from north east. That ads to the cuteness of these dimsums , don’t you find northeast really cute. Like seriously cute…whatever…
  2. Aaloo tiki : Aalo tikka is again the most famous common food that you will find across Delhi , and not to mention Delhi is the only place where they have brand names being inspired by Aallo tikki no price for guessing this definitely adds to the gastronomy in
  3. AALO CHAT – if you had Aaloo tikki and didn’t had Aaloo chat then we would call this injustice to the Aaloo family of Delhi , you can probably be summoned for this and they may even haunt you for missing on the great taste that only a potato can offer with a great crisp.  Probably we can call this an Indian version to the Potato wedges tossed in Indian herbs and can be served with diced fruits of your choice but then we call it fruit chaat with Aaloo , did we hear you say fruit chaat it healthy, the healthy notion of a fruit chaat is killed by this Aaloo chaat that has deep fired diced potatoes… so what yaar it tasty to the core.


  1. Kadi Chawaal – if we are saying Dilliwallas are Punjabi at heart then we have to include Kadi Chawaal as one of the most common dish in Delhi. A perfect blend gram floor in curd preparation that leaves you craving for more. And it’s a halrmless dish as its good for your gut too, so indulge in the Dilli style Kadi Chawwal and eat your heart out in the city of dilwallas.


  1. Biryani: No prize for guessing Hyderabad is definitely the Baap of briyanis makers but we bet you Delhi can be termed as the Dad of briyani. you ll find Briyani being served across Delhi. Don’t believe us just take a walk across the eating points in Delhi and take a taste ride for this yummy rice dish.
  2. Samosa : if there is any city that is capable of making Samosa in all sizes , experimenting with a lot of fillings then it is none other than Delhi. The aaloo stuffed samosa rules the Samosa chartbuster but you can also find mater samosa, Chinese samosa (not imported from china it just has noodles as filling ), sweet samosa and list is endless… but tastes great.
  3. Dosa : Since we have already taken you on a gastronomic ride to most of the regional delicacies from across other states , here is the king of South India – let’s call it Dosa king for you. A little bit of south India is sprinkled all around Delhi in form of Dosa counter and don’t miss the medu vada with a hole on these stalls. Served with nariyal chutney this is one food that is big steel.


  1. Paneer tikka – the most common starter in Delhi straight from the tandoor and first on list of vegetarians in starters. The aroma of a freshly made paneer tikka is enough to activate your salivary glands and make you drool at any age in Delhi. If you spot a tandoor be ready to witness the naked Cottage cheese doing salsa with onion and capsicum on the rocks (burning coal)… ohh ohh ohh no that’s  no love making ,  but love for paneer Tikka in making that ll melt in your mouth in the first bite.
  2. Bhelpuri : Puffed rice fried with vegetables, in a spicy and tangy tamarind sauce that is mostly made for the consumption on the same day. You can spot the Bombay ki mashur bhelpuri at a lot of places. A word of caution if you are having it , finish it as you get it , if you delay gulping this quickly it might get soggy.
  3. Rajma Chawal : If we have already have included Kadi Chawal in our list , then this is a must have in Delhi.We are talking about the food in the heart of the country how can we miss Kidney , No we are not in a science class we are talking of Kidney beans in a thick gravy most popular  North Indian curry served with rice and this is something which is very high on protein so leave your dumbles and hit a bowl of steaming hot rice served with spicy rajma , favorite dish of many in Delhi and a Sunday lunch in most of the households  in Delhi..
  4. CHOLE BHATURE: doesn’t matter whether you are a person who loves to eat on street or poised by the fine dining restaurant, Chole bhature is sure to bold you over with its great taste this very yummy north Indian dish which is an over load of oil to the core in its preparation. But all khoon maaf for its finger licking taste….hmmmm (if you not licking then you  must have already eaten them so don’t say we didn’t warned you )


  1. Gol gappe : Okay now who needs an introduction to golgappe. Known by a lot of names like Pani puri , pani ke batase, gupchup …… but no chaat lover can have just one…. A street food that dil mange more and is a truly a full paisa vasool anytime munchie.And not to mention don’t miss to ask for that extra last golgappa after billing, as that is the tastiest of all you had as this is free and we are so good at bargain.


  1. Mango shake: Dilli ki Garmi……  Delhi is famous for its scorching sun in summers. When the temperature is breaking all records, nothing beats the heat like a chilled glass of Mango shake served with a scoop of ice cream. No wonder mango is the king of fruits. A ship of mango shake is living proof of the royal treat in summers.


  1. Dahi Bhalla Papri – A combination of crispy papri and soaked Bhalla nothing can beat the taste of dahi bhalla in Delhi. The presentation is tempting enough to make you drool through your eyes while your tongue is already having an affair with this yummy dish.


  1. Aaloo Puri : This is definitely the most fingerlicious food of all , round puris served with Tomato aaloo curry is simply to die for. But why die for it when you can relish this delicacy being alive. A budget breakfast on the move, as in most of the places it is only served in the morning before lunchtime. So if you do find it on the menu in lunch or latter , consider yourself lucky. And relish it.





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