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15 Must eat in a life time Indian Dishes.


  1. Palak Paneer – Nowhere in the world the Spinach can be made so palatable and yet retains its nutrient value. Palak Paneer is like a blessing to the vegetarians. If you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian this is a must to have food of India.
  2. Pickles and chutneys of India: Being a country of spices India boasts of an array of pickles and chutneys which are native to each city and each state. There are hundreds of types of Chutneys and Pickles which are made across the country and it also occupies a very important space on our platter. No food is complete without having these Chtuneys and pickles. They just don’t add taste but are very high on nutrients too. There is some pickle / chutney for every season and with special medicinal values. So with Indian Chutneys we can say – Health First.
  3. Poori Aaloo – a typically north Indian Delicacy , Aaloo poori is famous across the country for undoubtedly one of the best breakfasts in the country. This is a must to have Indian food that is yum to the core and truly no one can have just one.
  4. Dal Makhani – yet another North Indian food that is on the hot selling list of every north India restaurant. A dish made of Kali dal and rajma with loads and loads of butter that’s where it gets its name Dal Makhani (Butter is known as Makhan ). This is undoubtedly one of the richest dal, that too heavy on proteins and fat content. So no wonders it on our must eat in a lifetime dishes.
  5. Chole Bhature – We can call them a relative of aaloo poori except for this is made of Maida (refined wheat flour) and served with chole (chickpea curry). Bhature is made of the fermented dough that gives it the puff when deep fried in oil. So if we say they are not very healthy it doesn’t even matter as the taste is worth giving it a try and for sure a must to have food of India.
  6. Biryani – Either it is Chicken Biryani , Mutton Biryani or simply Veg Biryani , we can bet you there is no better dish then Biryani made out of rice. A complete meal, a speciality of Hyderabad with loads of aromatic spices this one is to die for Food. This is one food that rules your olfactory before it takes your taste bud on a tasty ride. A food that involves all your senses when you have it.
  7. Gajjar Halwa : Carrot at its best can’t be anything other than Gajjar ka halwa. A very popular dessert from winters made of grated carrot is a must try among Indian food. A dish very high on sugar is worth relishing to the core. Piping hot gajjar halwa can make any winter evening special.
  8. Dhokla – A famous gujrati food made of besan is a snack item. But trust us this snack item is worth trying. Served with fried green chilli / green chilli pickle this is an amazing food. Don’t believe us, try it yourself.
  9. Bhelpuri – Whether you are in Kolkata or in Bombay the Bhelpuri of Mumbai and jhal mudi of Kolkata is a must try food of India. Made of puffed rice mixed with different chutneys and vegetables is a very light snacks but is definitely a must have food that leaves you craving for more.
  10. Aaloo Pranatha – Definitely heaven for the Potato lovers. This is one indulging food that is very heavy , generally served with Curd, pickle and chutney this is one of the fingerlicious food of the country and definitely a must try on our list.
  11. Samosa : If in India or talking of Food in India and we miss out on Samosa then it’s definitely a very big thing “Jab tak rahega Samose main Aallo …”this song must be written by a foodie who drives the inspiration from Samosa to compare his love with potato in samosa . A deep fried snacks made of Potato is a must try Indian food item.
  12. Bhaigan Bharta : roasted brinjal then peeled and cooked with onion , garlic and tomatoes makes an excellent vegetable that is served with Chapatti. If the eggplant is roasted on coal then its adds a very distinct flavour that is undoubtedly one of the tastiest ways to consume brinjal.
  13. Kadi – again a besan dish, made with mixing curd and gram flour. This dish is very famous in north India and has various versions of Kadi across other states as well like Gujrati Kadi, Kashmiri kadi , sindh Kadi. But each one of these variants is a must to have Indian Food.
  14. Puran Poli: Can you imagine a main course that is not a regular food but a food made of besan floor and Jaggery , you might feel we are talking about dessert ,then let us clarify its not Dessert & this one is served with vegetables and rice.
  15. Gatte ki sabji – A Rajasthani curry dish that is very famous for it’s out of the world taste. It’s made of besan ( gram flour ). The besan dough is made into small pieces and are streamed and then made into a curry dish. This is definitely a must have dish from India before you die.

So we have curated our list of 15 foods from India we can’t live without and are a must to try before we die. We would love to hear how many of your favourite ones were there in our list.

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