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Navratra Fasting made easy with some quick #Recipes

The foodie in me is constantly looking for something to eat, I start with something sweet and I will crave for something spicy and then for something sweet and this vicious circle of food goes on , even this happens during Navratra while I am Fasting.

The fitness enthusiast in me commits to the #Navratra Fasting to loose a few kgs but the foodie in me never lets that happen its almost like playing Vikram Betal and every-time i am back to square one.So loving what I do, here in sharing few quick recipes that you may try your hands on during Navratra fasting. and i will keep on adding one recipe each day through the Navratra. While I cook ,I don’t know why but I get in a mode of using very less oil/ ghee or making the food healthy. And most of these recipes reflect that here , do let me know

Jaggery Sabudana Pancake

Pancakes are my favorite and how can I not try making them while I am fasting. so here’s a quick fix for the sweet cravings during Navratra Fasting and if you have kids at home than this is one easy recipe to try your hands on this Navratra , its also good for a Cholesterol / High blood pressure person as a breakfast. Due to Jaggery the Pancakes will be slightly darker in color , you may use sugar but it tastes good with Jaggery. Also soak Samak rice for at least 2 hours before if possible to make the pancakes a bit fluffy, else soak them in hot water for 10 minutes before you make the Pancakes

Jaggery Sabudana Pancakes

Sabudana Dry Fruit Kheer

Sabudana kheer is a favourite thing for kids its like little jelly pearls floating in the milk. Try your hands on this easy recipe to make a super consistent #SABUDANAKHEER & Trust me this will be your go to #Kheer recipe while fasting.

Sweet Potato , Dates & Apple Halwa

Sweet potato chaat we all love but have you tried the Halwa of Sweet Potato during fasting, here’s a quick recipe for a yummy dessert. Sweet Potato and dates is just the right kind of ingredients when it comes to keeping ourselves warm , healthy during the changing season and also satiate the sweet cravings during #Fasting. If you are fasting then its important to take care of the sugar levels, and this is a perfectly healthy dose of sweetness. A recipe that can be easily consumed by diabetics as it contains only natural sweeteners, very high on fibre – goodness of one full apple and loaded with dry fruits. Taste bhi and health bhi.

Sweet Potato , Dates Apple Halwa

Sabudana Peanut Tikki’s

We North Indians have a thing for tikki and chaat , probably Aloo Tikki is one street food that we all love and as much we missed having all of this during lockdown , Navratra fasting is no different. But don’t worry here’s a quick recipe thats hassle free and quick to fix. This #Sabudana Peanut tikkis are very filling and try to minimise the #Ghee during the pan frying, unless you really want the street food flavour.

Sabudana ( #Sago ) Peanut Tikkis

#Banana #Chia Seed Sabudana Kheer

#SugarFree Recipe

Banana Sabudana Pancake Recipe

This is a very simple recipe for all the #Pancake lovers out there, Keep some chunks of Banana in the Pancake bater to make the pancakes more fluffy and tasty. you can check out the entire video here and adding #Cardamom & #Cinnamon is completely optional.


I am going to post 1 recipe each day and you can revisit this blog to try out your hands on the quick recipe this Navratra, dont miss to tell me in the comments the Recipe you tried your hands on and which one you liked.

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ou can

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11 comments on “Navratra Fasting made easy with some quick #Recipes

  1. Wow amazing healthy recipes…loving ❤
    Definitely i try for my son …

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  2. I enjoy reading your blog and often end up cooking in the kitchen

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  3. Blogaberry Foo

    wow these are some quick and easy recipes for those celebrating this festival. Hope all of you have fun!


  4. Doctor mommy

    wow that was a good collection of healthy, fast-friendly recipes. sabudana kheer has been my favourite since childhood.

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  5. Amritha Srinath

    Wow, what an interesting curation of the recipes for Navratri fasting. I shall try the sabudana jaggery pancakes recipes sounds very delicious.


  6. Sabudana tikki and kheer are my favorite too! Basically, sabudana in any form. I will try other recipes that you have mentioned.

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  7. Nice efforts you have made.

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