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PVR Cinemas is Open Now

Small may be  powerful, small may be wonderful but absolutely not when it comes to a screen or watching a movie on a small screen. While mobile phones and LED screens were our best friends during the lockdown but what was missing was the real life experience of watching movies on the real screen.

In July I was asked during a video shoot about OTT that whether I would go back to a multiplex the moment it is opens up or will I continue watching the movies and content on OTT platforms. My answer was ” I am literally dying to go back to movies the way they were and the way our weekends were.” While the OTP platforms has given us the liberty of watching anytime anywhere on a mobile screens but for me the real cinema is still in the cinema hall. And I think that will always remain special.

So today was the first day of PVR opening its doors after a good long seven months of break due to the ongoing pandemic and and here is everything that you need to know so that you can plan your movie outing really soon because it’s safe. And here’s post on PVR. Don’t trust me then keep reading.

About the Mall – Logix City Centre

Safety starts right at the entry of the mall I visited PVR at Logix city centre in Noida. After parking as I entered the mall ,right at the entry they have marked all the precaution and safety procedures which they are following to ensure social distancing and safety of the patrons. The security person was wearing the kit and temperature was taken right at the entry while everyone walks-in.

Mall Entry with Social distancing Stickers

The Lifts were having the contactless Sanitizer installed so that you sanitize your hands before pressing the button of your desired floor. All the escalators had proper marking of social distancing leaving 2 stairs and also stairs on which you have to step are on alternate sides, so typically you follow a 6 ft distance on the escalator

A Clear Indication where you can stand on a escalator at Logix Noida

PVR Cinema Entry

PVR has gone completely digital with its movie ticket booking so that you don’t have to handover the ticket for the entry. You do a self scan of the ticket from your app right at the entry through the self scan QR code if you have booked it on PVR cinema site or Book My Show. Contactless check-in into the cinema even the security check is completely contactless. The staff is wearing gloves mask and face shield at all touch points in the multiplex.

PVR Entry at Logix City Centre Noida
Clean sense Sanitizer bottles every where at PVR

Temperature 🌡️ scanning

As a standard protocol everyone entering the cinema needs to undergo the temperature scanning right at the entry and a safe status on arogya Setu app is a mandate.

Temperature Scan at PVR

Entry in the Audi ( Theatre)

As we move from the lobby to the Audi there is proper stickering on the floor as queue markers. A safe distance of 6 feet is maintained with every sticker, so unlike the normal times when we used to rush into the Audi, this will not happen now so maybe reaching a little early would be advised so that you don’t miss out on the movie 🍿.

We care & Arrow stickers are position markers to maintain social distancing at Entry.

All the Audi’s door handles are having antimicrobial protective films so that while you come back from the concessionaire or the washrooms during the movie you are safe touching the door all by yourself.

Anti Microbial film on the Audi Door handles

New Normal at the Movie Audi’s

Social distancing is for real when it comes to the sitting in a multiplex.

The setting is on alternate seat which means you are definitely gonna be a seat away from the other people you are watching the movie with. I am sure this is a good news for all the people who loved going to you are movie all by don’t have to bother who is sitting behind you because there is nobody sitting behind you / in front of you / besides you that’s how the alternate setting works ,a person next to you is not there a person behind or a person in front of you is not there so typically you are sitting all alone from all the four sides ,people who have come together to watch the movie will get to sit together so that’s a good news for the people who are dating and love that cosy corner for holding hands while watching the movie. Enjoy the movie viewing with zero disturbance. Even you will not get the service on seat now so you are pretty much all by yourself. Welcome to the world of #AtmaNirbhar

Not to be occupied ( Left, right , front & back )
Even washroom is following Social distancing to keep you safe

Food Ordering

If you loved placing your order while buying the tickets or you just gave your order at the concession area and went back to movie and the the cinema staff would deliver it to you on your seat. Or you were placing your order right from your seat through the app or in person & waited for it to be delivered at your seat, sorry but this is not happening anymore. It’s Pandemic and it’s time to be #AtmaNirbhar.

PVR has gone contactless with food ordering. Either you place the order on the app and pick it from the pickup point again completely contactless Else you can place the order at the concessionaire and pick it yourself from the candy bar.

Even if you are ordering from the candy bar there is a proper social distancing that is being followed and the different lines to enter to place your order and exit unlike the earlier time where we were in only one row placing order and exiting. and personally speaking I am very happy about this system because it is so convenient else ordering at the counter was such a hassle. And it was no less a struggle in itself.

Marking of Food Pickup Lane and Food Ordering Lanes
Disposable food Packaging , no plastic trays

After every movie the entire cinema hall is sanitized and all precautions are being taken by PVR to ensure the safety of the patterns and the employees because at PVR they care.

Check out this Post to be inspired to back to the Theatre where all the action truly is, where the films are larger than life as they were & as they should be.

Being a foodie for me the best thing while watching a movie is a tub of popcorn and a large Cola and that only happens in a cinema hall however good couch you have at home or the best screen you have at home or the best home theatre you have but nothing can match a cinema experience the way it is. So go ahead take all the precautions & step out endorsing the new normal movie experience at a Multiplex near you. All the cinema halls are going extra mile to ensure our safety and offering the best experience. And this is the right time that we come around and let this industry flourish like it did in good all times. Commit yourself to watch at least one movie to support the Multiplexes and give back the life to the spaces which are larger than life.

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