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Food for Acne Free Skin

Like every other teenager if you have struggled with acne prone skin then food has remedies for you to combat skin acnes.

After all the best remedies comes out of what you eat and makes all the difference in keep you fresh and glowing.

So here’s a quick guide on food that can help you fight acne.

#Oranges : Oranges are synonymous for vitamin C , that’s what comes to our mind as we think of Oranges. they rejuvenate skin cell’s and smoothen and depigmnent skin for a glowing tone. And that’s much needed for the skin that has suffered acne or have acne.

Tomatoes : Now who doesn’t like tomatoes. Slice a peice and rub it on ur skin for a glowing and black heads free skin. The good antioxidants in tomatoes neutralizes free radicals responsible for skin ageing.

#Avocado : Avocado is packed with lauric acid which is rich in anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which in turn is very useful in managing #acne. So include this in your food.

#Gooseberry ( Indian Amla ) : if it’s sour , it’s good for acne , Being a natural blood purifier, gooseberry (Amla) paste is a worthy solution for your skin woes like acne and pimples. So apply the amla juice on the infected area or just drink it , this is definitely gonna help.

#Turmeric : This is undoubtedly the best medicine indian kitchen has. Almost effective in all kinds of inflammations, cuts, this antibacterial is loaded with goodness for skin and health. Apply the turmeric paste or add it in your facepack. This will do wonders to your skin.

#Lemon : This is another magic food, adds the tangy twist to anything that you add it to, does exactly the same for acne prone skin. A power house of vitamin C this one helps the acne to heal from wihtin.
Citrus fruits have antibacterial and antifungal properties that make lemon for acne an amazing alternative treatment to commercial products. It’s as simple as slicing and rubbing. Take some lemon juice in a small bowl, soak a cotton ball in it and squeeze out the excess juice from it. Apply the lemon juice to the acne-affected area. Leave it on the skin for 10 minutes or till the lemon juice dries out completely. Rinse the area with water, then pat dry with a clean towel.

#Ginger : Instead of reaching out for that anti-acne cream, give ginger a shot. This spice is known for its highly effective antiseptic properties that work well to banish bacteria that cause pimples. – Another benefit of ginger includes its ability to works its magic on scars that are caused, thanks to pigmentation. That’s the power you have in your kitchen .

#Kale: Sulfur – is available in broccoli, kale, tomatoes, papaya, watermelon, and pineapple. Sulfur is an important acne-fighter, so include kale juice in your diet to let this food do magic to your skin. You can add apple and celery to make it more tasty and healthy.

Borocolli : Yaaaaah! Most of us hate it but this is one wonder food that is loaded with health benefits and helps in fighting acne. The Vitamin E and C in this wonder food along with antioxidants does the trick along with boosting the collagen fibers of the skin to keep skin healthy and supple. Vitamin E in broccoli protected the skin from harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

Nuts : It’s important to add nuts to your diet in a sufficient quantity to gain minerals like zinc and selenium which are very important for a healthy skin.

Almonds : Essential vitamins and minerals for healthy skin, just soak a handful of almonds over night and have it in the morning. Peel off before you eat.


Garlic : Not only garlic makes the meal a delicious one but this is one such food that is actually a super food. Loaded with anti inflammatory properties reduces acne. It’s rich in allicin which kills the harmful bacteria and viruses in our body and had been a part of ayurveda for ages.

Yogurt : there are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria. The probiotic is Rich on good bacteria that has lactic acid that helps dead skin cell’s to disappear. So not only helps acne and post acne skin but also reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Papaya and grape fruit : Both these fruits are very good for skin. Papaya is very readily available as face packs as well but having a whole food is always better than having it indirectly.

Water : To flush out the toxins one really needs to balance out a decent intake of water in ones diet and therefore it’s important to drink loads of water to keep the skin hydrated and glowing.

So now you know you don’t just have to maintain a good hygiene for your acne prone skin but also have to maintain a healthy diet by including the above in your diet to have a glowing and acne free skin.

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