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Regional Indian Food at Jamun

Few places have you, and I can say this for this cute little place. I have been a frequent visitor to this block for ages, I always checked this place on Zomato while checking out places to eat here and always thought next time will visit this place.

Looking from outside you won’t comprehend what you are stepping into, but while you step inside this place is a whirlpool of calmness and good food.

( Below 2 pics are from Zomato )

Have a look at the menu and you will be surprised to see the detailing with each and every dish with the region that dish belongs to. And you can decide on your own basis the description.

Another thing that’s noticable is the place serves in copper-ware , yes each and everything on the table is of copper and that looks amazing leave apart the health benefits of copper.

Towards the end of the restaurant they have displayed each and every spices from across the country that is used in various regional food preparations in the kitchen at the restaurant. And also few home made pickles which are on sale , if you like what you had, you can take it home.

So let’s start with my food journey from my first visit.

The first thing that came to our table was this stand that had various homemade fritters , regional chutneys , pickles and fresh onion & chillis, to keep us company while we were waiting for our food and this is served on each table.

Patte ki Chaat : Patte ki Chaat is now a day’s a common appetizer seen on the menu of various restaraunt. But this one was truly outstanding. Juicy and crispy with a perfect blend of flavors. The red and green chutneys added a perfect taste to the entire Chaat. I Strongly recommend this appetizer at Jamun. And the green leaves are not palak it’s seasonal leaves so expect a variation. Region : North Indian belt, -Rajasthan to Banaras in uttar Pradesh.

Dahi kebab and Ghahat Dal ki Tikki on a platter : These are 2 different dishes. Dahi kebab is served with mango chunda as can be seen in the picture while Ghahat Dal ki Tikki is served with baang ki chutney this dish is from the uttrakhand while dahi ki Tikki is from uttar Pradesh. Both of them are delicious. Have a look at bhaang chutney .

Tamatar ki Chaat with homemade bhujiya : If you are from North India tamatar happens to have an important place in the kitchen. This is from Varanasi and is worth every bite. The flavors are so good that you don’t realize when you have finished it all.

Let’s move to the main course, and trust me I was already impressed by the appetizers so much so that I was in double mind to get on to main course and as the taste I had was worth relishing for a while. And trust me this was the best lunch of 2020 so far. What we have on our platter is – Dal Makhani as the chef insisted on trying this, Ker sangri Kofta and Kerala’s Raw mango curry opted with Appam for my love of Appam.

This is the best afternoon and with most authentic regional food from north and south together ,I would call it a fusion thali and it was worth every bite of it.

Ker Sangri Kofta : This comes from Rajasthan and the restaraunt has got the recipe from the Patwan Haveli from Jodhpur. The kofta’s are a dynamite of flavors, done in a tomato curry that tries to mild it up. Ker Sangri is a traditional Rajasthani dish made using dried Ker Berries and Sangri Beans.

This dish is more famous in the Marwad region of Rajasthan which is basically a dessert and nothing but these berries and beans grow in the sand. And that’s the reason dish has these 2 ingredients.

Kerala’s Raw Mango curry : A vegan, gluton free and a healthy dish from Kerala, literally the peices of raw mango done in coconut milk and tempered with Curry leaves this was epic.

Dal Makhani you need to taste here to decide for yourself.

Moving to my favorite course the Desserts , we tried their signature Jamun kulfi and Rabri faluda and I loved them both.

So that’s what we had at Jamun. If you love Indian food this place is a must visit for you.

Check out their detailed menu of 13 pages and decide for yourself.

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