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Healthy Snacking from Sattviko

I can never have my cup of tea without something by its side to keep me company for the Tea, well I am speaking of the Munchies. Ever since I started having tea mom used to tell me to always have it with something to avoid gas issues. And it’s a habit now.

So here I got my hands on some really amazing Products from #Sattviko , a Healthy snacking brand that offers taste and tradition in healthy Snacking options.

Sattviko came from the word Sattvik which means purest form of Food in ancient Indian medicine and that’s what quite literally their products resonates.

Sattviko Khakhara Chips :

Khakhara chips , one of those chips that are healthy unlike the fried potato chips for two reasons , firstly these are mini Khakhara’s so off course they have wheat flour as the major ingredient and secondly they are baked not fried. Traditionally Khakhara in India is mostly consumed in Gujarat, but now it is traveling across India and abroad and is loved for it’s crisp and taste.

Available in 6 options they offer more flavors than you would expect. I tried 3 of them – #Achaari , #Methi & Pizza. While there are 3 more #Jalapeno , #Jeera & #ChatpataIndian.

MRP – Rs. 150/- for 120 gms jar.

# Minute Namkeen meal
Sattviko Minute Namkeen is World’s first 2 in 1 Namkeen which can be eaten both as a snack and as a meal (Sabudana Meal). It is a mixture of Indian superfoods that provides instant energy and is a rich source of Iron, Proteins & Vitamins. Roasted to perfection, this is the wholesome snack that can be served as an instant Sabudana meal by just adding hot water in it. 2 Minute Namkeen can be your go-to option for a quick healthy breakfast or evening hunger buster.

Frankly speaking this 2 minute meal was so easy to make and if you struggle like me making the perfect sabudana Khichdi than this product is for your rescue. In taste it pretty much tasted like the Sabudana Khichdi minus the oiliness. Available in 2 options Chilli Lemon ( Normal ) , Chilli Lemon Falahari & Zesty Tasty.

MRP – Rs. 50/-

Moving to the most famous Sattviko Product and something I had been having for almost 4 years now yes Makhane.

#Sattviko Roasted Makhane :

Foxnuts should be a part of your daily diet and are a great munching options for small hunger pranks. High on Calcium and zero on sugar works a perfect pick for Diabetic people also for eating between the meals. At Sattviko they have it in 3 mouth watering flavors – Pudina( Mint) , Peri Peri and Herb & Cheese ), and all of these are perfectly spiced for the excellent partners for tea time.

Of all the 3 flavors my personal favorite is the green one – Pudina flavor.

Other benefits of roasted Makhana ( #foxnuts) are they are cholesterol free, gluten free, no trans fat and vegan , since they are roasted not fried so you are sure you are having a healthy snack. Also available in only salted options for fasting.

MRP – Rs. 150/- for the above 70 gms jars

If you have a thing for sweet tooth like me then also they have options

Sattviko Gur Channa : Gur Channa is an excellent substitute for dessert. High on protein , low on cholesterol, gluten free this is one thing that demands to be on your work station for those times when you want to eat something sweet. This crunchy munchy is crispy and perfectly sweet.

MRP – Rs. 60/-

And coming to the last product in my hamper is the amazing raisins.

#Sattviko Paan Raisin : A premium mouth freshner that only had raisins. I never had something like this that was super tasty and refreshing. Most of all sweet that’s guilt free.

Its peppermint effect is very refreshing and would like to suggest to anyone who smokes to have it in place of chewing gum. They will change the flavor with a cooling effect.

MRP – Rs. 100/-

Apart from this Sattviko also has energy bars , Dry Mango and Ajwaini Flax seeds. Check out the website at to explore over 25 healthy Snacking options.

So now you know what you need to do for healthy Snacking , do share how you control your between the meals hunger pranks in the comments below.

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