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Breakfast at Anglow Khan Market

One should eat the breakfast like a king. And this remains by far my favorite quote on food. So here we are at Anglow in Khan Market New Delhi to unveil the new breakfast menu.

Before we get on to Food would love to talk about the place, a beautifully done space with lovely colors, stylist furniture and well designed to make the entire restaraunt worthy enough for a selfie zone in almost every corner. Don’t believe me check out our photo session here

Each table follows a different theme and style of furniture that adds some quirk to the place. We were here early morning while hardly the market was open and the place was all set to serve the breakfast menu. Here I am taking you through the food that we tried our hands on today.

Healthy Oats Upma Rs. 325/- : Served with coconut chutney this is one upma that was healthy and tasty , the use of veggies and onions made this really palatable and couldn’t feel that I was having an oats upma. It was different and is worth a try.

Barley and Honey Nut porridge Rs. 295/- : If I ask if you ever ordered porridge in a restaurant I am sure you will say no. Off course accidentally we still might have had it in buffet breakfast but I am sure no one orders for porridge. But once you try this you might start picking it. This is one of the best porridge I ever had. A bit sweet but just a perfect blend of nuts with barley , the consistency was amazing and the milk ratio made to perfection. This is one of my personal favorite pick from the Breakfast menu at Anglow now.

Masala Poached Eggs Rs. 345/- : The Breakfast menu here has got multiple dishes made with eggs and this include all kind of eggs with variety of preparations. We opted for a masala poached eggs and as the name suggested it was loaded masala on the homemade break and Eggs poached to perfection, additionally opted for the Black Jack Omelette

Black Jack Omelette Rs. 345/- :well the Omelette gets it’s name from the color impact of charcoal being one of the ingredients makes it black , made of 3 eggs this is stuffed with grilled shredded chicken, mushrooms , spring onion and cheese. I am not sure if I can say this was great but can definitely say it was very very different and filling.

It would be mean if we are talking Breakfast and we don’t talk of Breakfast tray options. From the multiple options of trays they have we opted for the – The Anglow Royale.

The Anglow Royale Rs. 825/- : As the name suggests it’s a Royale tray for sure , off course the costliest one on the menu and definitely loaded too.

Comes with a 3 Egg omelette, a juice of choice from the Power booster segment, Rosemary potatoes , Fruit museli made in yogurt and this is one good way of having fruits in the Breakfast , this one had Strawberries, Blackberries and Apple sliced and served with it. Then there was Nutella rusk toast and choice of pudding , we got the brown cake with caramel sauce.

The fruit museli was my favorite from this, for it’s distinct taste and mild sweetness. Definitely a loaded breakfast option sufficient for 1 person.

Moving on to few drinks that we tried from the power boosters from the New Breakfast menu.

1. Morning Blast Rs. 295/- : This one is a soy milk based smoothie textured drink that has got Dates with Vanilla ice cream topped with biscuit crumb & peanut butter. The consistency is thick and not suggested for people who don’t like milk / Soy milk.

2.The Anglow Rejuvenation Rs. 295/- : A very refreshing drink just like the morning. Made from shaken lemon grass , musk melon, Corriander roots and screw pine. The drink was very well served with mint leaves and it’s one hell of a drink. Must try for melon lovers .

And finally we had my favorite dessert – waffles

The Eggy Waffle Toast Rs. 375/- : Waffles is love for me and if they served with strawberries, cut fruits , cream and mapple syrup then they are super indulging and that’s what this is ….. criminal but we all love it.

I would like to give a big Shout out to people who love stepping out in the morning for a lovely breakfast but find breakfast buffet boring like me, then they must try this place and the ambience gives you that laid back feel that you feel at home. On service this is really nice as the team is super pro in serving and clearing the table.

Have a happy and healthy breakfast this summer and visit Anglow in Khan Market to chill this summer.

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