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The Bar Company Noida

Garden Galleria Mall is becoming a hub of Fine dine restaraunts and Bars with it’s third floor hosting multiple restaraunt which are known names in the market or opening first of it’s dine-in here ,definitely changing the party scenes for the youth of Noida.

Catering to a lot of offices and IT hubs , Noida definitely needs so much of such places, so here we are exploring this newly opened place or I should say a Brand new restaurant in place of earlier one. And when you look at a new place or there is a new management you can certainly see the progression over the existing one. Yes this place was Soiree Lounge Bar earlier now it’s The Bar Company and it’s really a brand new place to explore.

Talking of the Food we had here , started with Mocktails , explored few starters and then had Soya chaap gravy for main course and ended the meal with our favorite dessert #GulabJamun.

Mocktails – Bloody Orange & Tango Apple: This place is a bar and serving some really cool cocktail options, but being a tea tootler we opted for these 2 super cool drinks. Bloody Orange is a fresh orange juice combined with lime leaves and is very refreshing. While Tango Apple is something a bit different , it’s a flavorsome Mocktail that has red and green apple peices marinated with mint leaves and served with a cinnamon stick so the aroma of this Mocktail really enhances the taste of the drink. Both priced at R. 295/- it’s a good pick. And for shake and coffee lovers. They have coffee as well.

Tandoori Pineapple Salad : Fruits and salads are my all time favorite picks. This salad I would rate 10 on 10 for it’s perfect marination and excellent tandooori flavor. Crispy on outer , juicy and spicy within it’s a great pick. Priced at Rs. 275/- this is good for 2 people.

Garlic bread – comes in 2 options garlic bread plain and with cheese for a flat price of Rs. 225/- For me this is like satiating my Italian food craving and yet not being sinful on calories. Served with 6 peices of flavorsome crispy cheesy breads. Truly heavenly if consumed hot.

Company Vegetarian Platters : I should call it a Jumbo Platter , for it’s size and variety . Priced at Rs. 825 it’s too much to handle. And frankly speaking while placing our order we were confused so we said bring Veg platter without reading what all it has , and it worked as partial main course for us.

Serving size for 2 of each- Alloo Matiana, Paneer Tikha , Veg sheek , Tandoori Broccoli, Thai Basil Tandoori paneer, Dahi kabab served with salad and chutney. Ideally one should just pick this and a vegetarian is sorted and so is for non vegetarian platter.

Now you can make out why we have to limit our main course.

Soya Chaap with Tandoori Roti and Gulab Jamun : Soya chaap happens to be the non veg of vegetarians but very few outlets make it right. And this place just made it to my taste – Spicy and Rich gravy but not very oily. And good enough for serving 2-3 people for a wholesome meal.

Wrapping a good dine in experience with our favorite Indian Sweet – Gulab Jamun.

I would like to rate this place well for it’s service, food quality and value for money quantities. Normally at bars the food presentation takes over the quantity and most of the times due to bee hours quality is compromised. But that’s not the case here. Yes you would have to time your order so that everything gets served on time. After all fresh preparation do take time. A good experience and I am definitely revisiting this place.

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  1. That vegetarian platter looks like heaven to me! It amused me that there was a depiction of Uncle Sam and the restaurant is named in English. Is that typical? It’s just good that they don’t serve typical American food, or you’d be stuck with a burger and fries! What you have here is sublime by comparison.

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