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Experiments with Chaat at Chaayos

Experiments with Chai , definitely reminds us of only one brand that has revolutionized the concept of having tea outside home and transforming the taste of our home made tea from kitchen back home to where we want at a Chaayos near us or getting served with their Delivery service right in the office.

With Monsoon setting in here they are yet redefining the experiences with Chaat and totally taking their customer on a delectable Chaat journey with their new range of Menu – Experiments with Chaat.

As the name goes they have literally picked up the most common Chaat based street food and converted them into the delicious options to be complimented with your favorite cup of Tea at Chaayos or any beverage for that matter.

We tried 3 of these experiments with Chaat and absolutely loved them for the raw childhood taste to modernized presentation and off course something very different from the regular stuff to pick from.

# Samosa Matter Chaat ( Rs. 137/- ) : I have been born and brought up in UP and Samosa with matter Chaat is something that I have relished all my school time , layered with sweet tamarind chutney that we call Sounth in UP made with jaggery.

With Samosa Matter Chaat Chaayos bought that childhood memory of mine to Delhi. And the taste was outstanding especially for me since that’s linked with my childhood food, you decide for yourself.

# Bhelpuri ( Rs. 103/- ) – Ever since Chaayos added Poha to their menu , I had been a regular with it. Now Bhelpuri is going to be my yet another pick on the go with my Chaayos wali kullad chai. Again a blend of chutneys hitting the taste buds and the crispy madhry adding to the crunch while munching on this light health food. Perfect option for people who count on their calories.

# Egg White Chaat (Rs. 137.75) : I seriously love you Chaayos for this introduction. Being a selective eggitatrian with eating only boiled egg and dietician advising to only have egg white probably Chaayos chefs heard that. And this Chaat is just a great health option for people who are on diet egg white diet and also for all the people who love their eggs to be spicy enough that they go for a glass of water straight. This Chaat had me completely.

So what are you waiting for fellas , Hit on to a Chaayos near you and indulge in these mouth watering loaded chaat options , and experience the experiments with Chaat as they say it.

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