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Mazmi Coffee & more at Dubai

All a coffee lover needs is freshly brewed coffee & some cookies.

But if the coffee treat comes loaded with a beautiful view of ships passing by, small boats giving rides to tourist and curious people, dark waters playing and sun setting behind the buildings.

Well that’s not an imaginary scene but that’s all what this cafe offers you on any evening right under the sky.

This place in Dubai is an amazing point for a laid back evening to enjoy your coffee , dessert treat or a sumptuous dinner.

How I discovered it ?

I saw a board at the Mosque highlighting the way to the creep and I was curious to just go and have a look at it. As I came here I saw this lovely sitting right on the creepside and I went there.

Since it was Ramadan so they were not serving outside but I could imagine how this place will turn out as the sun sets. The team was preparing the place for Iftar with candles and flower bases on each table.

It was 6 pm and I didn’t had much time on hand so I couldn’t wait for an hour for dinner with an enchanting view, but I was lucky enough to soak the setting sun, hear the bird chirping as they took their plight back home and playing with a kitten while I enjoyed my coffee.

The inside space is no less either,full air-conditioned space with good sitting overlooking the creep and waving to the passersby through it’s entry this place looks historical from outside.

What I Had here ?

Well as I specified ,since I wanted to enjoy the place outside and that was not allowed and I was here well before sunset so couldn’t have my dinner as it was too early for that, therefore I settled for an ice cream and a cappuccino.

Odd combination ,Right !

Indeed yes but then that’s all I could have.

The coffee was nicely made and just the right quantity.

Another thing I tried was their ice cream as there was a cart right at the entry and that said loud Ice cream. While I came inside the shape and color of cones was something I just loved it.

Paper cup was priced at 10 AED per scoop and Cup cone was for 15AED per scoop while the long cone was for 13AED .

So trying a ice cream was an obious thing to do here and happy I did.

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