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Pascal Tepper French Bakery Dubai

A working lunch meeting got scheduled at Pascal Tepper a French Bakery next to Radisson blue in Dubai Media city. And as we entered the fresh aroma of bakery engulfed us.

Since I am trying to maintain or rather I should say I am trying to control my portion size with frequent meals as of now so I kind of restricted myself from Junk food .

My first order was a Smoothie. As our friend suggested that this place serves great smoothie.

#Bonjour : Made or real fruits and literally loads of them. This one has Mango, Banana , Blueberries, orange juice and Yogurt ice cream. Perfect on consistency and moderately sweet this is a great pick and filling as well.

Soup – Carrot and Coconut soup : Well coconut is one of my favorite ingredients but had in soup for the first time. Now let me tell you the French name of this Soup “Potage De Carrotes, A La Noix De Coco ” ,it was quite filling and had this beautiful yellow color due to turmeric and the black Seasme seeds added to the look with coconut milk as garnishing.

My friend tried the Pasta and salon fish but I was done with the above 2 good to go for food.

Now let’s talk about this place , it’s a French bakery so off course serves great cake and bake option and we were recommended to try their fresh Pasteries and cakes.

And also good for coffee either you want to have it their or a take away served with a small peice of cake.

Additionally they have a dedicated chill station for fresh juices and chilled beverages which you can grab and go.

So this place was preparing for Ramadan as we entered and during that time the place is all covered so that nothing is visible from outside.

Though they have a outside sitting but this will not be used before the Iftyar hours

Overall a great experience and a good place. You may come for a lunch or breakfast and any time coffee or to satiate a quick sweet tooth craving. And the live salad stations takes a good care of health freaks with separate veg and non veg counters.

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