A perfect weekend for a mother is some We time with the kids. And kids only need a day out to a gaming station or a water park. Owing to the heat I am constantly hunting out for indoor air conditioned options for spending the day with my munchkins after our routine park visit and cycling in the society , filling in for much needed outdoor activities.

Having done with most of the options in Noida sector 18, I was looking for something different for them and “The Gaming Vegas “ at Logix City centre Mall came to my rescue this Sunday.

Right next to food court on the 3rd floor this is a good option to hangout with kids and have some good times. Mine are under 5 yrs so anyways the options are always limited at Play zones, but at The Gaming Vegas that’s isn’t the case.

So we started with loading the card with Rs.1000/- and just like every other play station we were given a membership card to go around play and earn points as Tickets.

Started with the Hammering game as that’s the first thing as you enter from the Ticketing side.

Rs. 75/- for a game the kiddos managed to collect 20 tickets each. And the feel of this tickets definitely gave the kids the momentum to go on and collect as many.

After trying 3-4 more games finally one of my girl managed to hit the golden ball in the goal scoring a whopping 305 tickets with a jackpot of 300 tickets And the excitement shot up and they went on playing around.

Next we started picking games that were more engaging and with some fun element I it. Like these 2 which my 4.5+ year old twin daughters really played well and off course they could do it together.

This one was my favorite too as all they need to do was put the toads inside the cave

This one where they have to hit the milk bottles was good fun too.

And after taking a trip to most of the gaming station it was time to go on a food trip. Best part of this place was that we didn’t had to step out unlike most of the place where there are no food option.

Pretty decent place for having fast food with ample sitting , making this place a great place for hosting kids bday party as well. We could see one going at Circus that’s the space where most of the activities are for small kids. And the place was getting free by 5pm so we had half an hour to grab a bite.

I ordered for a double cheese pizza with Cheese garlic breads and French fries. Got all this for under 500/- so definitely not a bad deal.

Kiddos shared all this with their stuffy’s who are accompanying them almost everywhere these days.

By the time we finished this the kids area that was blocked for party was open and for sure no outing is complete without the kids having some fun rides and the options here are limited but best for my kids.

And now coming to my favorite activity at this gaming station – Clay modeling. Well when they do it at home I am very skeptical of the colored clay after reading so many stories and off course the mess that they create is all for us to clean. So seeing the set up , I was super happy and what was more fun was the pricing Rs. 100/- for 30 min and 150/- for 1 hour. I said this is where I am going to station them for an hour Everytime I visit this place once they are done with rest of the gaming.

Since I was running short on time so could not take the kids for bowling as this is the first place I have seen so far in Noida that has a mini bowling and dedicated normal bowling with a good sitting for adults as well.

So I think this qualifies to be a fun place for all age group and pretty affordable.

Now coming to the most exciting part was the rewards against the tickets collected . So the kids can choose from a wide range of products on display at the counter. Starts from 100 tickets and goes up to 4000 tickets redemption.

While my kids picked up these cute pens for 150 tickets each and have already made up the bucket list of what they will redeem the tickets for their future visits.

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