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The House of Tea by Foodhall

Who doesn’t love a Tea experience. When someone said food for every mood must not have experienced a Tea for every mood.

The House of Tea by Foodhall is a tealicious endeavor to bring together the finest single estate Tea harvests and blends from all over the world, assembling a delectable collection to savor and celebrate being with Tea.

Since they are hosting the finest Tea from across the world let’s start one by one on few of the collections here

1. Red Thunderbolt 2017

Origin : GopalDhara Tea Estate ,Darjeeling
Priced at Rs. 4500/-

Seasonal in availability,this tea is prepared from the frosted leaves directly sourced from the garden.

Let’s Taste : bring orange, Sweet with muscatrl flavor hinting at rich dense notes of ripe fruits and honey without any astringency.

2. Black Knight Assam reserve

Origin : Assam private Tea Reserve , Assam

Priced at : Rs. 5100/- per 100 gm pack.

One of the rarest & limited Assam harvests available only in 20kgs for the year, so if you get this 100gm pack then you are amoung those 200 people to have it. This comes from tea estate at the river banks of Brahputra therefore the soil is extremely rich and fertile high on minerals that tarua ads distinct te to this and thus ads this malt flavor. It’s a private reserve collection , so whole tea from here is a private sale not comes from tea Auction. But this tea was made available to THT by a private sale not through auction. So take pride of ownership while you pick one here.

Let’s talk taste ; Flavored with malt this medium bodied liquor has a dark Amber appearance with distinctive notes of honey.

3. Huangshan yellow sun

Orgin : Anhui ,China

Priced at Rs. 5300/- per 100 gms

This tea from Huang Shan region that’s where it drives its name ,is amoung the most premium yellow teas of China

Let’s talk Taste : mellow sweetness with a hints of mineral, subtle toasted chestnuts accented with an aniseed finish

4. Blue Pea Flower Tea

Origin : Thailand

Priced at Rs. 5800/- per 100 gms

A tea which is magic show on the table . Bright Blue petals from the flowers of the Butterfly pea plant is a herbal tea with medicinal properties that turns purple on addition of citrus.

Let’s talk taste: Earthy and Woody with a mellow smoky aroma

5. Donyi Polo Golden needles

Origin : Donyi Polo Estate

Arunachal Pradesh

Priced at Rs. 600/- per 100 gms

This is also called tippy tea, because of the tips of the unopened tea buds a lot of tea leaf swirls which is golden so also known as golden needle. Started in a village of Arunachal Pradesh with around 1500 people as a cottage industry so this is hand made tea following orthodox method.

Let’s talk Taste : Sweet and fruity tea with a caramelized taste denoting rich autumnal character.

6. Craighead Fine Silver Tips

Origin :Dilmah Private Tea reserve,Srilanka

Priced at Rs. 7800/- per 100 gms

Silver Tips tea is celebrated as the ” Champagne of tea ” by the Dilmah family. Again available to select few in the world being a private reserve tea.

Let’s talk Taste : the lightly sweet liquor with citrus and floral notes , this tea is best served chilled with a fruit like Strawberry.

7. Rich Purple

Origin : Mt. Kenya , Kenya

Priced at Rs. 10000/- per 100 gms

This Kenyan tea is rare and unique with a rich silky smooth yet fruit flavor boasting nearly twice as many antioxidants as any other tea

Let’s talk taste : Full boiled , plummy aroma along with a subtle purplish tinge to the liquor.

8. Green Tieguanyin

Origin : Fuji Province China

Priced at Rs. 17000/- per 100gms

Clearly listed as the most expensive tea in the world ,this tea is names after a Guan Yin , a buddist deity which makes it precious regardless of the price.

Let’s talk taste : visually beautiful with a bright emerald green shiny liquor the notes are slightly citrusy floral with a pleasant caramel sweetness.

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