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Tapri – The Teafe Town at Raipur

Tea is something that goes well any time of the day. And chai ki tapri is synonym to a tea stall that serves freshly made Tea over a comfortable , less formal sitting.

So while this was my first visit to Raipur, still I didn’t failed myself in searching for a tea place with a difference.

It’s loud and clear that it’s a tea place but they still serve coffee and shakes and off course great food to go along.

As you enter the place you get the signal that footwears are not allowed inside

The cafe has converted the place into a comfortable lovely sitting space with open cubicles that offers lot more than your own corner , perfectly apt for the college goers and couple’s, even families with small kids.

So once you have selected your space in this cute place , you will be handed over with the menu and a slip to write your order.

Why you ask ?

Well this place is operated by specially abled people, and making this place a silent cafe. I was happy to see such progressive Cafe’s in a city like Raipur, while so far I have visited such options only in metro cities.

So let me take you through the food we had.

French Fries : Super crunchy and loaded with our regular over load of tomato ketchup.

Cheese Pizza : while you are having a pizza from a place you are not always sure of the quality, especially if it’s non metro. So I always play safe by picking the basic cheese pizza. I was super thrilled to see the layer of cheese, though the size was small but it was amazing on taste, loaded with cheese. And too good at the cost it came for.

Tapri speical Cheese Maggi : Maggi at tapri has it’s own charm and this one was simply loaded with a slice of cheese over it. Absolutely value for money.

Chill Cheese Toast : As the name suggests it’s cheese and chilli over text toast pretty spicy , thank God I had my ginger tea to compliment this and rescue me.

Ginger Tea : Since I have come to Tapri how would I not have a chai. After all India runs on chai as goes the slogan from a tea brand. The chai was simply awesome. Very much like the homemade tea.

Donate for a dream come true :

What touched me the most about this place is inspite they are a very small set up but the spirits of contributing is no less.

From employing specially abled people at the outlet , to hosting lunches for these special needs kids and people they do it all.

And they don’t believe in tipping their staff rather they ask you to put that money in the kettle and then it gets distributed amoung the people here.

So next time while you visit this cozy little corner just opposite the Marine drive of Raipur , don’t miss to donate a small amount to make a dream come true. And for this place , it’s absolutely value for money. I had all the above food for just Rs. 300/- and that’s the most memorable experience for the good vibes and value for money food.

Address : Shop No 107 ,

Direction :

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