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Elle Spa & Salon at Crown Plaza

It’s Monday and on a mundane Monday I got a chance to plan my Monday differently for a change.

People go for relaxation over a weekend but what if , you could experience the luxury of a spa right at the start of the week. You may feel that’s a crazy thing to do. But let me be candid in saying that’s the much needed post weekend thing you should try.

Crown plaza falls on my way back to home from work and the Elle spa & Salon is on the level 3 at this hotel.

I walked in and asked for a Foot spa and within 5 min of my arrival at spa while I was sipping my freshly brewed cappuccino I was told that my therapist is ready and I may join her as soon as I am done with my coffee or even can carry on my coffee too.

I liked the idea of carrying my coffee to the spa area and while I was settling in I placed my coffee on the side table and saw what more they had on offer from a Dermatologist consulatation to everything beauty related offered by Isaac – Skin , Hair , anti aging and body sculpting solution.

My therapist was Ms Kuntang and she started off with a hand full of oil on my feet. And that’s all I needed for my dry skin and aching legs.

Her massage on pressure points was just perfect. And the hand motion she used was a clear indication of good hands on training.

After the oil massage , she wipped the legs with hot towel , gently massaging the toes and legs from above the hot towel was the best post massage clean up ever.

Overall a great relaxing experience. They have a full salon set up as well for all kind of hair and make up requirements

And the ambience is great too, that ads to the soothing and ultimate relaxation experience.

What’s recommended here is the couple spa as the best gift for anniversary’s. The set up is truly romantic and royal, with an attached jacuzzi.

So when are you going to indulge in a spa right in the weekday. Why wait for the weekend when you can get the relaxing experience right in the weekday.

Address : 3rd floor ,Crowne Plaza, Noida B District Centre, 13, Mayur Vihar, Pocket 4, Pocket 1, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110091

Call : 011 4704 4780

Check Elle out at

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