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Be at Hyjack to create memories

This newly opened place in Delhi is something you must visit for it’s range of menu, tryly good food , amazing ambience and most of all a lovely terrace overlooking the deer Park to spot a few deers while you enjoy a delicious meal under the sky

Best laid plans are random plans and this one was no less as we were in this area around 5 and thought of hanging out at a good place.

Delhi is almost being hit by Summers though it’s just March and as we entered this place , we didn’t realised it going to be this huge inside spread across 3 levels

And we were spell bound when we reached the terrace and without a second thought we decided to sit on the terrace though it was a bit warm if not hot. The birds chirping to glory on the tree over looking the terrace balcony added to a perfect sight and music one needs after a exhausting day.

And as we sat we knew all we need is some good mocktail to complete the setting and get going. So ordered these 2 good looking mocktails

Milano Smooch : Something that had green chilli as the after taste and hit you till the end of your sense , chilled minty and different.

Summers Gift : When you have a drink that not only looks green but is loaded detox ,you are anyways very happy. This mocktail is truly Summers gift with the health ingredients Fresh mint, ginger , rock salt , sweet and sour soda is all you need to kill the heat this season and when it’s served under the sky it gets even better

Moving on to food tried couple of starters with a droolworthy dessert to call it a perfect evening out.

#Dahi ke Kabab @ Rs. 295/- : kabab should be judged basis their basic quality that is melt in mouth and if it doesn’t then it’s not much of a kabab. This Dahi k kabab was just a perfect pick for a melt in mouth kabab with a golden crispy outside giving it a perfect taste.

# Asparagus Vol-au-vents Rs. 335/- : From the baked starters this one was yet another creamy treat. Crispy puffs stuffed with fresh cream and asparagus truly a delight to eyes and off course great on flavor.

# Palak Akhrot ki Tikki @Rs. 295/- : If you hate palak ( Spinach) then you must try this. spinach suated , taosted Walnut ( Akhrot ) spiced with cinnamon and chilli to give it a perfect delectable taste. A must try for creamy and cruncy starter. Walnut and spinach never tasted so good though both are extremely healthy food loaded with nutrients.

And after indulging a lot with experimental starters went on for a salad before hogging on a sinful dessert

# Wine Poached Pear Salad @Rs. 325/- : This salad is not what it may appear. If you think it’s #Beetroot then let me tell you it’s not. As the name goes it is wine poachedpearsSalad yes that’s what this is and it’s loaded undoubtedly
Let’s have a look at the ingredients
#winepoachedpears #raostedflaxseeds
#crumbledfeta #lettuce#rocketsaladleaves #picklefbroccoli #dressedwithRaspberry
So it’s a dose of #goodHealth loaded with Nutrition. And the taste was yummm. I finished every bit of it.

Last but not the least is the most sinful of all , off course they call it dessert in their menu and I call it everything sweet that brings smiles

# Phirni Mascarpone Faluda @ Rs. 355/- : Well This is a perfect fusion of Faluda , Phirni and Mascarpone. In case you are wondering what’s Mascarpone , well Mascarpone is an Italian cream cheese coagulated by the addition of certain acidic substances such as lemon juice, vinegar, citric acid or acetic acid.

And the Chia seeds added to the look not only it’s health benefits along with a crunch to this dessert. Strongly recommend to at least once try this dessert for sure.

Had an amazing time and while I left this place it was already dark and the place started getting happening with people pouring in for their dinner. Loved the place it’s vibes and best of all the service along with food.

Address : B6/6, 2nd Floor, DDA Market, Opposite Deer Park, Safdarjung Enclave, Safdarjung, New Delhi
Call – +91 8800023707

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