Few places just have your heart and where ever you go and if you know that place is there you just end up being there, that’s exactly what Farzi Cafe is for me.

Farzi Cafe at CITYWALK Mall is a definitely a great place to be at. Combination of beautiful outside and inside sitting with a terrace to themselves which I could not explores sets the mood just right. They have beautifully played with lights and greens. And this one is equivalently greener version of Farzi Cafe unlike the Delhi ones.

The walls here does most of the talking and keep you engaged while you are dinning all by yourself.

After getting a seat next to window as I settled in we were served with their signature welcome shots. And trust me Everytime I have them and I feel this should be on the menu or it should be reserved. These shots are appetite stimulators and off course can’t be had like food.

So being indians in a foreign land you still expect to be Desi, and knowing that we are from Delhi the team served us a farzified version of Chole Kulche.

The Farzified Chole Kulche had the chole stuffed inside making it far more easier for us to consume it and the chutneys and dips were definitely icing on the cake making it a worth it pick for people who love them spicy or balance it out with cream dip. And don’t miss the fried green chilli.

Dal Chawal Arancini : I have spoken about this dish in details in my earlier blog so this was ordered just to let my friend have it.

Probably this place made us relish Indian street food in the most exciting way. And after chole Kulche this was another thing that we just loved it , yes a farzified version of Raj Kachori.

And digging into it was like a treat in itself, loaded with our Indian flavors.

By now we we’re done so thought of having a Salad and then move to one mains and close our Indian food outing with a Indian dessert.

Ordered for a Salad that came loaded with Kale leaves and before we could have it came the twist.

And everything green and Red was farzified with a holy dip in the Liquid nitrogen and all the salad portion was turned into a crunchy stuff. And the mosarella cheese was a delight. Calorie count went out of the window and we were indulging into everything sinful.

As I said this was a tour to Indian food how can I say no to my favorite Kadi Chawal. And this is the most authentic and delicious one we had in Dubai.

Last but not the least was the farzified Gulab jamun , the first picture depicts how it came and then what it turned out to be.

The rose petals and Foam cream was imersed in Liquid nitrogen and the taste was very very different and I still can’t decide whether I liked or not but this was surely a treat to the eyes.

Farzi Cafe makes every meal a special one by adding their own touch of uniqueness to the food. And that’s what makes them stand apart from the normal restaurant and we foodie look forward to their experimentation with food every time we visit a Farzi.

And what’s commendable is the way the dishes are served and the passion with which the team presents every dish looking out for that smile on your face while they serve and that contentment once you have had the food. And feedback is like an in build process which they keep repeating after every dish and make a customer believe that whatever we are doing with food , all that matters to team Farzi is that you have a great time.

A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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