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Vapour Bar at Hyderabad

If you are in Jubilee Hills then you are pretty spoiled with options. But if you are looking for a place for a groovy night,  a romantic dinner, a Big Bang get together then this place is all yours and definitely a great hangout place. Serving a wide range of cuisines specially recommended for north Indian street food and off course for the beer lovers.

I absolutely loved this place from ground floor to 2nd floor open terrace.

This Aam Panna drink was a good start of the evening. While my friend had the beer samplers curated in a particular fashion and we had Ajit helping  him to follow the sequence and identify the taste.

Aam Panna Mocktail

Moving on to the starters, I had few of my all time favorite snacks and after having them I was pretty done.

Vada pao Rs. 329/- for 3 peices : Pure Mumbaiya style done with fried green chilli , served with green and red chutney was a pure delight for someone from North Indian in Hyderabad.

Vada pao

Mushroom Duplex Rs. 279/-  : this was a very delectable dish that was crunchy outside and juicy inside. The Mushroom caps stuffed with cheese, bell peppers & corn made this a great finger food. Served with 6 peices it was quite a heavy  dish.

Mushroom Duplex

Palak Patta chaat Rs. 219/-  : You can’t keep a north Indian away from chaat,  and even at a brewery what I picked was a Palak Patta chaat. Served with lots of mint froath , baby tomatoes, pomegranate and sev this was pure love. Deep fried Palak leaves coated with gram flour made ready crispy and topped with Sonth ( red sweet chutney made from dry ginger) and green chutney is a great treat for a chaat lover.

Palak Patta chaat

Dahi Kababs : while I had a vapourBar experience back  in Gurgaon I have skipped this while my friend insisted. Here the chef convinced me to have if I love Dahi Kababs. I never had such stuffed and juicy Dahi Kabab which were undoubtedly crispy outside. The amount of Dahi filling of Hung curd these Kababs had was mind blowing.  As most of the time the filling is compromised or mixed with other stuff for a good binding effect. But not here.

A much recommended dish at vapour.

Dahi Kababs at Vapour

Saving the sweet craving for the end while I could not finish my Vada pao as I was all full after having 2 of them and the fried green chilli really added all I needed. So comes the sweet devil in the end the Mud cheese cake with loads of caramel

So this was a great Vapour experience right in Hyderabad doing my eating out right by ditching the hotel food and having a great evening at this place while Thursday Jam session was playing the best music to get one going beyond food.

Address : Plot 753, Road 36, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Call number : 040 33165132


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