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Christmas Nail Art DIY & More

This blog curates over 200 Christmas nail art ideas , that has a lot of DIY. So let your nails do all the talking this Christmas with the Christmas Nail Art

After Christmas tree and Santa Claus ,Christmas fashion is something that takes over like the cricket fever. Red white and Green dresses , every one wearing the red & white Santa caps. All little kids being dressed as Santa Claus is the cutest part about Christmas.

What about taking the Christmas theme on your nails. Herein sharing few cool Do It Yourself Nail art for Christmas that are easy to create at home and great way of flaunting your nails over Christmas.

So herein curating a list of best Christmas nail arts to help you style up your nails

Basic is to do random Red and Green while dots of red & green on White 
Snow flakes stickers are readily available in the market so just do one nail and get going  
Mix the Glitter with Red gel based nail paint and get going 
All green and do random streaks of white on a red one 
All Red and just add a glitter based green to create a Christmas tree with a star on the top 
Simple yet stylist 
Easy and convenient play with red and white 

I have picked up most of the styles  from Pinterest and bloggers across the globe , if you wish to see more go through the Links here for more Christmas Nail art

  • 50 Designs for Christmas by Koees 



  • 11 Christmas Nail arts by The 11 Best 
  • 2.PNG
    Red & white with Starbucks cup from The 11 best 


  • 10 Nail art for christmas with step by step Guide to do it by NailDesignJournal 
  • Top 50 Nail arts by Styletic  is an amazing collection of Lovely nail arts.

    So all the lovely ladies what are you waiting for , go ahead and flaunt your lovely nails this Christmas with any of the Nail art that resonates your style.

    and Dont miss to share the one which you did on your hands. Have a look at the one that i got done on Christmas 2017

This design may look good on Long nails as mine are too small for a nail art, But got it done in the spirits of it 

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