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Things to mind while on a Flight journey

We all love air travel for the time we save. And off course its a great mode of transportation that not only saves time but is also  a convenient travel option with a lot of services to make the entire journey a comfortable one. 

We all love air travel for the time we save. And off course its a great mode of transportation that not only saves time but is also  a convenient travel option with a lot of services to make the entire journey a comfortable one. 

So,in this blog I am going  to talk about the points to ponder while you go for an  air travel. 

Give your number while booking a flight : Always ensure that you mention it to the person booking the ticket for you. So, that the airlines may reach out to you when needed. Especially when you have cleared security check and you  have lost a  track of time while shopping at the airport, as I do.

Click a picture of your Boarding pass : I have left my boarding pass once at a coffee shop,  and the  2nd time at an apparel store on the Airport. So, always click a picture of your boarding pass so that you still be able to manage to board the flight without running around.

Carry your water bottle: It is always recommended to carry a small water bottle around. If you don’t want to spend uselessly at the airport carry one from home. Not only that  a bottle also reminds you to drink water to keep yourself hydrated while being on flight, it also saves a lot of running around for the flight attendants  serving everyone with water. 
Let’s be human first then just being a customer. And let me tell you it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated during a flight to combat the humidity levels during your flight journey. 
Minimise your cabin luggage : Think before Creating your cabin luggage. Do you really need to strain your shoulders carrying around that weight for almost an hour. Well that not only offers more cabin space to  the Co-passengers but also helps you from being less tired walking around the airport before and after flights. Anyway spending 5 to 10 minutes to wait for the luggage at the belt will not add much delay to your schedule. Then some flights offer Fast forward services like Indigo to let you take your luggage first from the belt.

Overcome earaches with hard candies : some hard candies does the trick for you if you suffer from ear-aches while flying due to change in pressure during flights. So if you suffer from ear-aches all you need to do is just suck ( don’t chew ) a hard candy that really helps. 

Exercise a bit while being seated: With so much of leg space in modern day carriers, don’t just sit without any movement. Not that you start walking in the aisle,but ensure you rotate your ankles, wrists, neck or just stretch ur legs downwards and hands upwards to keep the body active and feet away from swelling. You can also try a yoga poses like anulom viloum which keeps you headache free and keep up the oxygen supply in your body. 

Temperature gradient : when we travel on flight we always experience a temperature difference between outside and inside the flight so always carry a small jacket to survive such temperature variations.

Don’t carry articles not allowed in hand baggage : Always go through the list of articles which are not allowed in the hand baggage. If you have already checked in,  you’ll end up losing a lot of time in back and forth or you might lose the item only to the security team as they won’t be able to help you with it. 

Check in Baggage  Tag : A baggage tag on check-in luggage and a luggage sticker your boarding pass is for a reason. If you are not sure which one is your luggage as you see another one like yours . The easiest is to check the luggage tag. In fact make it a habit, while picking your luggage from the belt. On the belts we see so many luggage bags simillar to ours 

Take the Trolley around with Care : The luggage trolley is with a purpose on the Airport to help us move around with huge bags. But be careful while placing your stuff so that nothing trips off while you push your way through. Also mind the co-passengers while strolling it around. And don’t try to being a Shaktimaan in carrying all your luggage rather than using a trolley when needed. 

Importance of Queue : Respect the queue more than ever before while you are at theAirport. One person trying to rush up impacts 5 others in the row. So even if you are getting late and you want to skip the queue be courteous enough with a puppy face to request other to let you go ahead citing a genuine reason. 

Carry Your Own food or pre book your food: If you don’t like flight food while you are on long journey you can carry Your own food but do check on the list of allowed stuff. So that you don’t remain hungry for a long time. Else pre-book it to save money and time.

Be careful while opening the overhead bin after or during the flight as most of the stuff keeps moving with the flight take off, landing and during turbulence. So just open it slightly to gauge if there is something that might fall off onto you. 

Behave a Human while being seated: If you have an aisle seat and the co-passenger needs to come out,  don’t give that look and be co-operative in getting up & letting the person move out or in. And if you can’t then offer to exchange the seat. Be carefull of not falling off on the co-passenger while catching up on your sixty winks and also mind yourself before reclining your seat. Do check with passengers on the back before you recline. 

So let’s take care of few things while we travel and make it easier for us and others too. After all travel is living life so that life does not escape us 

A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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