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All day Breakfast at Echoes Bangalore 

Well this is my second visit to this place, and loved it more than ever before. A place which has got a soul of its own, the positive vibes,  the people and the food everything is worth a visit to this place. 

Echoes Kormangala Bangalore 

This time I thought of trying their all day breakfast menu as it looked like something straight from  the hotel breakfast menu and since I had a early morning flight and have skipped on the breakfast. So before hitting for my meeting at QwikCilver in Kormangla I went to this place. 

I am a morning person with cereals and Bread for my breakfast and this place served it well with having option that served my taste buds right. I am a boiled egg person and can’t eat Omelette due to the smell, but since I wanted to have a glass of milk and corn flakes therefore opted for this one as it mentioned of a cheese omelette and I was pretty sceptical so ordered a shake too. 

I love shakes,  being a milk lover. Opted for And this one was picked out of my love for red velvet cake. They served it first and it not only satiated my sweet tooth but was very fulfilling and I knew I am in for crime with sweet overload as the breakfast option came with a waffle. 

Stuffed mushrooms were recommended by Karthik who is the owner Of this place,  Karthik is a young entrepreneurs with an engineering degree and off course lots of positive vibes, extremely passionate about Echoes and that shows in his dedication while being serving as a manager to the restaurant as well ever since it has opened, as he is yet to find a person who can handle his team well. ( probably for the first time I saw the orientation of the business owner towards people involved  then business itself)  

So here is the Mushrooms , served on a Rumali Roti with very nicely made green mint chutney, The taste and aroma was outstanding.

Stuffed Mushrooms
And here comes the hero order for the day from Echoes,  yes my pick of Breakfast from the all day Breakfast menu

All Day breakfast at Echoes

Waffle loaded with fresh cut fruits,  and chocolate sauce. 

Waffle’s – My all time love

Cheese omelette that didn’t at all smelled of egg, very nicely made, and well cooked.Toast to compliment the omelette and milk – corn flakes giving me the much needed energy to survive the  run through the day. 

The Breakfast tray

I just loved the yet another Echoes experience while I am back in Delhi and still counting on visiting Hudson lane outlet soon. 

I strongly recommend this soulful place to all delhiwallas who travel to Bangalore on work and all Bangalore guys to hit this place to believe that there is a silent cafe that’s a great way of enjoying your meal without having to utter a word. Thats how our moms made us eat our food. 

In fact while I was sharing my experience with my cousin, who is  married and stays in Bangalore only,  I said  this is a great place for married couples. Imagine you can enjoy food looking into each others eyes without having to speak much, after all who wishes to hear their wife’s after marriage ( pun intended ). To which he responded Yaaa right only wife will be silent after all husband’s never get to speak only. 

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