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Cafe BAE – Before everything else in Jaipur 

Cafe BAE selfie and photo point

Few places have a aura that invites you to visit those places every time and over again.  So here in Jaipur BAE is one of such place abbrivrated as Bistro and Eateries that’s always on my agenda when I am in Jaipur.

Cafe BAE

This place has loads of positive vibes,  good spaces and lovely Ambience. The Sunday brunch are one thing that lingers longer than food. This place has smoking zone done in open, while a 90 cover sitting in combination of Non smoking sitting with a dedicated kids area.

Cafe BAE Counter
Smoking Area at Cafe BAE

This time I had coffee and Waffles as I had a late lunch.

A cappuccino has the right quantity of caffeine to lift up your mood at any hour of the Day. So this cup served with a Chocolate cookie was simply awesome.

I know this might sound as a weird combination but I had a coffee and then I jumped to my all time favorite dessert these days, yes!  waffles. Asked for a waffle with fruits and Peanut butter. Along with a creepe with dry fruits.

Very few places do waffles right. And a simple tip to enjoy your Waffle better is to always ask to give all the add on / fruits and flavors seperatly. Well this trick works 2 way. You get more of the serving size and your waffle doesn’t get soggy so you can enjoy a bit longer at your pace.

So have a look how I created my own waffle from the 4 served. And it was really yummy.

A great place to enjoy a laid back brunch on Sunday,  with some amazing breakfast options through the day, A cool space dedicated for retailing of fashion and breads.

Address : Hotel Las Vegas, A1, 21 Sehkar Marg, Bais Godam, Jaipur

Call to book a Table : 0141 6652418

Google Direction : Click here 

Zomato Menu : Click here 

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