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Fumo Cream Indirapuram 

Fumo Mango IceCream Indirapuram food2go4

Indirapuram yet again gets lucky with one more ice cream parlour bringing in some experimental ice creams with liquid nitrogen rolls and Taco ice creams to this place.

Desserts are a great way to end a day.

Fumo Cream Indirapuram food2go4

And nothing can get sweeter than this when you find a dessert place that makes the best for an after dinner hang out with an amazing variety of ice creams on offer and more so when it is just a stone through from your house that you can simply walk down to the place.

What to have at Fumo IceCreams

This place is a heavenly abode for dessert lover and an amazing fun place safe for kids too. So what one can pick from here, here’s a quick guide on the same

Chocolate Love – KitKat Krunch Taco

So you can have your ice cream as Nitro or Taco, so what’s a Taco. We all had Taco and know what it is, so here a waffle is made into a thin taco and the ice cream is made as a roll on an ice plate and the process is actually fun that you ‘ll love to see it while it’s made. And I have never seen a melted chocolate froze on ice cream,  have always seen it melting. So that was really amazing and decoration of this ice cream is truly “to die for”.

Fruitcious Mango Mania – Curl

Now, this is something that’s love at first side, real mango pulp done in a nitro ice cream and served on a curl and this is amazing. Have a look for yourself

And kids  truly loved it for its colors

Creamy Dots 

Have you ever felt like having chocolate chip for a dessert, if yes then Fumo makes it fun with flavors,  I had this earlier at Niice ice cream and there they refer it as food of space which the astronauts eats,  so ice pops are made by dropping the mixture in liquid nitrogen where it freezes to form small dots,  the flavors are coffee craze, Topicandy , strawberry delight , blueberry Bliss, chocolate indulgence and Kesari Badam. Since we visited this place with kids so we ordered for strawberry Delight and these pink frozen dots were served with strawberry sauce.

MilkShakes & Mocktails.

This place is not just a ice cream place they serve amazing coffee and shakes too, while we wanted to have an ice cream but looking at the menu , I was pretty confused between Kitkat , Oreo shake and coffee and finally settled on a coffee, die hard coffee fan You See and the coffee craze was a bit too sweet but pretty good for a evening dessert.

This place had so much quirky messaging all around the wall and a huge book that is work in progress and will  offer, menu some ice cream facts and also people ll be able to give feedback on it.

Let me take you through few of my favorite messaging of this place

So this is one of my favorites, definitely Ice cream is Anyday cheaper than any therapy.

Ice cream is cheaper than Therapy

All you need is Ice cream

All you need is Ice cream
It’s ice cream time
I do magic with ice cream
Let’s have broccoli tmrw, today let’s have ice cream

And this one even kids loved it to the core. They played endless game by the time we relished our ice creams.

#Playing on the black and white checkered floor.

#hiding in the Book while it’s work is in progress.

# digging in the ice cream with pink spoons.

# moving heads to the tune of the ice plate ice cream sound.

# trying to catch the fumes while nitro ice cream is made.

# trying to give out fumes eating the dragon breath.

Watch this to believe it

Address –  Ground Floor, Next to Reliance trends Indirapuram Habitat Center, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Time – 11 am to 12 midnight

Contact – +91 9999121076

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