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Tafree time at New Tapri 


Few places has got something about them that drives you to explore more about the place. On this business visit to Jaipur I went to have lunch at this place called Tapri at C scheme. While exploring this food heaven I got to know that they have just opened another outlet at Marriott hotel near airport that week itself and its better than the one we were in and bigger too :).
I thought I wish I could visit that too.where there is a will there’s a way. I stepped out of this place and headed for another meeting. The meeting was scheduled around Marriott therefore going by gut feeling I proposed if we can meet at Tapri.

Bingo!  I couldnt believe that I was Heading to yet another Tapri store in the same day. I already knew what I am going to have Moong dal Pakode with my favorite Adarak chai which I could not order in the afternoon.
As I entered this place I saw this Dhela common chai redi right at the entry with mini Parle G biscuits,  an old radio transistor taking you back in time.  This Dhela also exhibits the sign board #Tapri.


As I stepped in I was taken aback with a beautiful landscapep & a beautifully crafted sitting space there.

They have a tie up with the NGO shristi who have placed these bird feeders and few messages on saving natural resources.

The open air sitting is a evening point and has got a dedicated canopy at all tables for shade. With a dedicated sitting under a huge canopy for kitty parties and birthday parties.



As we came to the main restaurant area the gate stuck me. Sometimes small gestures are worth a million, the gates had 2 set of handles one for adults and another one for kids….. How thoughtful 🙂


And I could made out the place is kids friendly but this place further surprised me with their one of its kind activity area. And this was a place to let the kid in you come alive and indulge in everything that we did as kids from coloring to art & craft stuff.
All the walls had a different theme and most of the items on sale. Most of the theme of the restaurant used recyclables. And everything was too Indian.


The audience here is much different from what we saw in the other store. Lots of happening people around just hanging out just  like that.

Since we have came here after our lunch so anyways did not had much space for food. And therefore ordered my stuff yes Moong dal Pakode , Adarak wala chai for 2,  and a Masala chai while we quickly finished the meeting.

When our order arrived I was already very happy.Crispy deep fried  mini Moong dal balls along with Adarak chai was out of this world and the quantity was sufficient for 3 of us. Every cup of tea is served with something be it their in house cookies or a mini pack Parle G biscuits, and the biscuits are so so cute that u feel like having them all.


For me this place was a trip to childhood nostalgia with earthen pots,metal kettle serving tea, serving wares made of leaves  or lookalike of leaves  and lots of things from the past yet so modern.



The menu was vast and served a lot of regional and international cuisines.

I had a flight at 6 and I didn’t felt like leaving such a vibrant,  full of energy positive space. With a feeling that I will come back to this place again we made a move and paid our bill and stepped out absorbing the positive vibes of this place.

I think few people definitely need to visit this place

  • Staying at Marriott then just step out to this place for some fresh air and lots of good food.
  • Kill extra time in hand and let the creative person in you take charge in the activity area.
  • Have a evening flight to catch step out of the city to avoid traffic  and spend some time here amoung the woods as airport is just stone through from here, don’t forget I am also saving you from the boring time at airport and off course unmatched food is a bonus.
  • Have kids and you are  on a trip to Jaipur, a visit to this place  anytime of the day is a treat for kids and will offer you loads and loads of your time while kids play around and do their stuff
  • In Jaipur then this is a cool place to host your meetings – lots of positive vibes You See 🙂
  • Pick cute little things from small earthenwares to a lot of art and craft stuff.
  • Unwind in the lap of nature away from the hustle of the city.

Do I need to say anything further,  I think you are already in for such a retreat.
Disclaimer: This is not a promotional feature nor have any connection with the owners / promoters of this place. It’s a work of expression  purely from the experience of a food enthusiast & off course love for new place in a city #JaipurDiaries.

Add a pit stop to your next Jaipur trip #Tapri


B-4E Prithviraj Road, C-Scheme
Jaipur, Rajasthan
@Mytapri Send Message
Call 0141 236 0245

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