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Food from East streaming Live in East Delhi at Leela 

The culinary Journey of flavors and food across the Grant trunk road ends in Kolkata.When it comes to east of India,  probably we all think of West ( best)  Bengal as one of the places as an oodle of great food. A amalgamation of different culture,  an entry point to world famous cuisines and a place that is beyond just food, it’s a way of life. From street food to the royal cuisine every kind of food holds a lot of value in this culturally rich city.

So here we are at Delhi 32,  The restaurant in the hotel Leela in East Delhi bringing together handpicked delicacies from Kolkata. This is the last leg of the food festival at Leela and the chefs have not only sourced authentic ingredients from Kolkata but have stayed briefly in Kolkata to curate this amazing menu.  So it’s all the way from Kolkata with loads of  love.The team has done an amazing job of creating Kolkata live and you have to visit this to believe it.

The famous Howrah bridge is one of the iconic places in Kolkata and same goes with the yellow taxis and the very famous 🚊 Tram train.

Even the handpulled rickshaw is a common site in few parts of Kolkata and when I lasted visited this city all I remember is the sound of Tram like a hurricane and these petite looking rickshaw pullers. And off course the soandesh at Haldiram near airport. 

The entire set up creates the perfect stage for this culinary tour to the food from Kolkata. and probably that’s the first time I felt so much is being missed out if you switch to vegetarian food. But nevertheless you can still see few of the dishes from the pictures. 

We started the food ride with JhalMuri and Ghondoraj ghol, for a treat to eyes here is a quick shot of it.

Well Jhal Mori is the Bengali bhehpuri and the distinctive ingredient in Bengali version is the use of raw mustard oil that gives it a hard hitting taste. And this is really yum the taste in tinge hits your senses like anything. Coming to the ghondoraj ghol as the name suggests it’s a drink made of thick whey with Peels of ghondoraj ( large form of a green lemon) and in vegetable starters we had Alloo chop, vegetable chop and mochar cutlets everything deep fried and crispy. 

Getting on to the main course since its a buffet so the list of food is endless but then have what makes a sense to you. Like my plate shows 2 dishes that is Dhokar Dalna well this is one of the very special dish and made of Channa dal can be referred as the dhokla of east and the only difference it’s not steamed but fried. And then made into a curry fish refered as Dalna in Bengali. Aaloo Posto is made with khas. 

Cholar dal complemented with luchi and Khorishutir kachori and mugalai parantha stuffed with mutton 

And the Paranthas looked super yummy and crispy outside and loads of filling inside. now as promised some treat to non veg lovers 

Bhetki paturi that’s a fish preparation in banana leaf.

Moving on to the yummy dessert this is the festival to be from over dozens of dessert options it’s simply impossible to just pick one. on the plate you can see Pantua that’s the Bengali version of Gulab jamun only difference is shape so this one is more like a doughnut and also it’s served cold versus our warm or hot gulab jamun. Nothing can beat freshly made sondesh in its original flavor while I had a hell lot of flavors while I visited kolkata and Payesh which similar to our knees.

And of course Misti doi is like the best ever version of milk. I simply love it and having it in earthen pot is like a super treat to a Misti doi lover. And I literally had two 😀

Now while we were done with food,  we were greeted by the Pan wala stall serving freshly made customised Pans. 

One thing that I really admired about this place was the detailing in creating the entire concept of Kolkata to let the food journey come alive. Starting from the ushers dressed in Bengali tradinal wear to the entire Kolkata set up  , enough of selfie and photo corners.

The cutest part was the Howrah bridge 🌉 and the cute little yellow taxis like the minions on the road.

Now about the festival : Kolkata food festival has curated menu from the city of kolkata that is served as dinner. The entire set up is done in the open air with plenty of mist fans to keep you calm and add the coastal breeze to add to the theme and the evening. The dinner comes for Rs 1535 plus taxes and trust me it’s a steal deal for the kind of food they have on offer. 

Bonus for people with Kids there is no charge for kids under 12 years of age. 

And most important 15th April is the last date , and I know you will miss on this so be happy it’s till 16th April. But done miss to visit it for your love for food more so if you love Bengali cuisines. 

And just for record all this Gyan is coming from our campanion on our table Mrs Mamta. 

If you miss it then you will seriously miss some serious and delicious kolkata food.

A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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