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 Dine in the woods at Jungle Jumboree

Few places have everything in there name and this is no brainer to decode What I am going to talk about when I am at a place called Jungle Jamboree. 
So when Jamboree literally means a large celebration of gathering of people generally a lavish one with a lot of noise and fun. This place was a quiet place with loads of food to create noise in your tummy. This is a jungle themed restaurant in Logix City centre Noida on second floor.

Have a look at the setting of this place,  I am sure it’s like a walk in the enchanted woods for little ones, lush green all around with lot of wild animals on the walls. 

Even the chairs were made painted with theme.

The table are barbeque enabled therefore what you will truly enjoy is the Ambience with jungle theme and Smell of burning coal and aroma of barbeque on your table satiating your taste buds. 

The place is serves Ala-carte, along with  Buffet lunch and dinner. Lunch starts at 12:30 and serves till 3pm serving 7 course meal. During lunch the mocktails are included in the package while for dinner you have to pay separately.

That’s the bar in the woods.

So have a look at the starters  I hogged on.

The serving starts from the home made papad and dips along with chutney. These mini chunck of papad keep you busy while the barbeque is getting ready.

The entire lunch was spread across 7 courses 

  1. First course :Chat & More 
  2. Second course : Soups & Salads 
  3. Third course : Indian Appetizers
  4. Fourth course : Global Appetizers
  5. Fifth course : Indian mains
  6. Sixth course : Global mains
  7. Seventh course : Desserts 

So the first starter that came was my all time favorite golgappa chat filled with loads of chutney and curd. Just the way I love it.

Followed by Pizza, kababs, American corn shots,honey lotus stems.

So the food kept coming but I only picked and clicked what I wanted to have. 

The main course , soups and salads was set on the buffet.

I love sticking around to Indian mains when it’s an option. And just loved the Dum aloo and kurkuri bhindi and even the Briyani was too good.

Have a look at my plate,  not to miss the additional servings that I took of Dum aloo.

And in the end comes the best, yes the desserts. The best part about buffet desserts is that you can have whatever you like along with repeated servings and off course you can have it as any course like start with desserts.

So overall a great jungle experience with loads of good food. And they also have dedicated section on level 2 and then another area as aqua that depicts marine life 

Check out the marine area and theme here is blue.

The best part about this place which I kind of noticed for the first time at a restaurant were the Air purifiers. The white boxes are actually air purifiers.

So explore the jungle safari with some really delicious food amoung the woods. A great place to go with kids and a huge gang as this place is truly pocket friendly. 
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