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Fresh & Healthy – Culinate

A Sunday is always heavy on lunch as everyone at home is actually home.

But this Sunday was different as nothing was soaked a day before ( generally its Rajma / Chole ). So thought of exploring on something new and Culinate came handy with their wide range of menu. Literally for once I was like what to pick, though the home page gives you an easy pick of creating a combo box from a range of option to choose from  soup, salad, sandwiches, juices etc and a dedicated section for Breakfast too.

Dont be confused on what to pick as they are going to spoil you with choices which is unliely for a online delivery site. This had the widest menu of all the orders done so far epsecially online.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.32.44 PM.png

Most of the food option are from Mediterarean , Mexican, Thai and japanese cuisines. But one thing is common across the entire menu – The promise of ingredients that are Fresh and Healthy. Most of the ingredients are rare and are sourced from certified vendors that is rigt there on their home page.

Even the range of soups seems sumptous so be particular on the quanties you choose.

Have opted for the following food. One thing that i always look for is the packaging. and here i was not dissapointed with it, since everthing came in food grade packaging and was 100% biodegradable , normally in Ghaziabad  (Indirapuram ) you dont get such packaging as most of the home deliveries are still delivering food in plastic boxes itself.

100% Biodegradable & Food grade Packaging
Food as it came

Here is my pick of juices


Crimson Tide Juice : A Freshly squeezed juice made from water melon and musk melon comes in a glass bottle with a promise to keeps the colon clean and aids fat burn as well. To be frank i just love watermelon and therefore this was my obious pick.Though the site claimed it to be good for weight loss , hydration and is low on calories

Crismson Tide

Detox Delight : No price for guessing since I planned for a healthy lunch , thought this needs to given a try and the description on the site was quite convincing too. A enzyme rich juice with phytonutrients and bromelin that helps fight inflamation. And this was undoubtedly one of my next pick too as it was too good on quantity and consistency not to mention the taste as well. Most of the time when you opt for health taste takes a back seat.You should try this for a feel good too.

Detox Delight


Mediterranean Fruit and Crisp Salad(Veg) : Normally i always go by the ingredients and dressing of a salad. This one was an added one as I ordered a Fruit salad , though normally i don’t prefer having fruits before meals. The Dressing is yogurt with Honey again a low fat option where the honey that ads flavor is an imported acasia honey from France adds almost no sugar and also does not impart any color to the white yogurt. The Salad was loaded with 3 kinds of grapes, berries and lots of exotic fruits. Kale and letuce to add the crisp to the fruits.Most important ingredient of this salad was Kale leaves – which you dont see much as an ingredients in most of the salads in other restaurants & Kale is loaded with nutrients.

Fruit and Crisp Salad

Chicken California Steak : So this was our choice of Chicken dish and the best part was again going on the healthy ruote the Chicken used here is sourced from a certified Halal vendor (My brother in law is always particular when we order chicken or non veg ) , further minced to reduce the calories per serving. rested on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes lightly spiced served with loads and loads of stir fried veggies is a perfect pick for a main course dish, comes with a culinate special  sauce that is made in red wine.This is quite a filling option.

Chicken California Streak

Granola and Yogurt Parfait : The most important part of my food are the desserts and off course when we say desserts the calorie count goes for a toss, but not for this at least. A low calorie yogurt layered with granola that is garnished with  loaded with fruits,dry druits and nuts.It comes in a glass container is very nicely packed to keep the layers intact and perfectly crisp on taste as you finish it off.


So thats how my sunday went by with a choice of good on health food. undoubtedly Food2Go4.

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