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Tea Trail Time

imag2075when you are a tea lover , you don’t really mind trailing the roads of CP to find that perfect place to chill out. And that’s exactly what we could do while we three friends were meeting after a long time. And all of us being tea lovers were on a hunt for a place to have something to sip while we can chat our hearts out.

And this get together was really unusual as we sat for 3 hours at a stretch and tried quite a range from Kullad chai to bubble tea to clear tea. and off course had a great time.

So we were not very hungry but definitely wanted to have something light with our tea.


And it was really very sunny outside so while we entered this place with the high ceiling literally made us look up, the entire store is done very nicely with Theme of a tea cafe closely intact across the store. Spread across two floors where the ground is basically for causal sitting and first floor is like a co-working space with a washroom as well. The best part about a well spread place is they have a washroom too.



Now let’s go to the range of tea we explored

So we started with Kullad chai with ginger and it came just in perfection in a size that we could consume and really cute cookies.


After having our Kullad chai we asked whats the speciality of the place , and the guy suggested bubble teas and mango being one of my favorite tried for a Bubble tea in Mango, but frankly speaking i was disappointed.

And same thing happened with the Matcha Shake – it was too sweet.


With me it’s not just the drinks but how the drink is being presented makes a lot of difference , after having milk based drinks we thought of going for a clear tea with our third order. and in-spite of being a hard-core ginger milk tea lover this was the best one we had.

We ordered a Argentinian Mate – “This is a clear tea packed with antioxidants , this infusion is a source of vitamins and minerals. it enhances physical energy, stimulates mental clarity , aids weight loss regimens, elevates the mood & helps digestion.” This is what the description reads on the menu and we can’t stop ourselves from trying this before leaving this place. And it was just perfect with a cute little timer to let us have the perfectly brewed tea. and you wont believe we re ordered this one.



But why it came with A cookie we could not understand after such a detailing on the menu.

Sweet potatoes chat 


Don’t miss to check out the display window offer for the deal of the day.

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