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Puppy’s day out at Puppychino

The Logo Mascots straight from the logo and vice versa

Most of the Pet Lovers always feel guilty of  leaving behind their furry babies at home, while they are on a lunch out or brunch with their gang. So worry not pet lovers, as this pet cafe –  Puppychino, Delhi’s first dog cafe is a dedicated dog space, a special snout-licking dogglicious dog menu and amazing merchandise to keep you going while on lunch out date with your pooch. And of course, finger-licking delicious human food as well for their humans. Dont have a dog and still wish to have a fun sunday with pets, then the Official mascots as seen in the Logo – BOBO (A lovable Labrador ) and Simba (Adorable simba) are always in the cafe to indulge with in a canine therapy. This place offers some really great food, chilling drinks, super music and lots & lots of doggie love with dogs all around.

Entry of the Cafe

Very well designed space to create a dog cafe which has a separate area for the dogs to have food , do a lot of activity with their human or without their human.

 Nayani with her adorable babies 

The cafe is the brain child of Nayani Tandon who herself is a dog lover and had spend almost 3 years at home not having a place to go out with her dogs. Thats when she came up with this dog cafe – which happens to the first Dog Cafe of Delhi. And everything here is so puppylicious from the logo to the sitting to the walls. And everything has the real dogs. Like for the logo has the 2 dogs which Nayani owns – BOGO (A lovable Labrodor ) and Simba (Adorable Husky ).

And her love is not only limited to having these 2 in her life and in the work space but she also have got inked them on her hands for life, dont believe me check this out

This one is on one of the Walls also and unfortunetly this one can only be seen in pics now
Passionate about her dog and now her Cafe too as thats the logo

Lets have a look at the Food here for the Hoomans as they say for the pet owners a range of Pizzas, pastas, shakes and Snacks are a must to try.

Pic source – Puppychino  cover
Nachos (Pic source )


And if you feel that how hygienic this place would be with so much canines around. well as you enter the cafe then this one does give you a feel of the guests around unlike any other cafe but the tables are being very well taken care of with the hand sanitizers on all the tables, ensuring nothing impacts your food experience

Table with hand sanitizers

Lets have a loo at Dog Food at the cafe 

chicken Pasta – Pic source PuupyChino 
Chicken Pizza

Whats More :

Its just not a cafe its an institution in itself that houses everything a dog lover would look for.From dog food to dog accessories, workshops on dog behaviors, hosting events for dogs, Dog birthdays they have a space for everything for your Love.


Pic from Puppychino FB Page
Pic source : PuppyChino Fb page

Talk to the visitors here and they had been coming here for quite sometime and almost every alternate weekend. and the dogs just love this space along with their hoomans. its a great place to connect with more people who share same love and everyone learns a lot while they and their dogs connect.

How to reach here with your Pup :

the nearest metro station is Green Park Metro Station with Exit towards Gautam Nagar and then take a Auto till Shahpur Jat, Uco Bank. And this place is in the lane inside on the thirst floor of 119 building – take stairs to the third floor or Lift
So if you love dogs or have dogs then this is the place to go for an amazing dogilicious experience.

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  2. This place speaks a lot about her passion for dogs…. good work hoomans as they refer.

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