PetFed 2016 – Beyond just a Pet event

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Few  organization are doing outstanding work around building communities. And this one is definitely striking a landmark for the Pet Lovers. In its 2016 edition this event is setting up stage beyond your imagination. From having Dino Morea as one of the Investor who is also going to walk the ramp for the show, to attempting a guinness book of world record  (Register here to attend ), housing over 100 stalls, pet fashion show, dog Art gallery ,kids and pet zone, award night , live shows and what not.


So as we are still counting days to this event, Trust me its worth waiting for such a Pet extravaganza, the PetFed team is all out there hosting and organizing some really outstanding event to further strengthen the Pet community, bringing together the Pet owners and their pets in the environment where they not only can unwind but do really cool and fun stuff. Don’t believe me , check out their website that talks strongly of their monthly BYOD events where the Pet along with their humans are having amazing time.

Gracious Pool Party 

They recently did a Pool party for pets at Gracious Pool in Sohna Road, Gurgaon and the pics below speak the quanta of fun the pet owners had. while most of them really wanted to go out to a place that allows Pets in the pools, and this one came as one such big opportunity. Since most of them are associating for the first time with Petfed and thus are amazed to explore places like these which they have never heard of.

Gracious Pool Party – Pic courtesy Petfed



Puppy therapy 

Now this is another activity that is a part of the pre hype events hosted across various malls in Delhi NCR, so all you have to do is just located the nearest mall that is going to host the Puppy therapy and just take your Pup / pet there for a great outing with your baby.

Lots of engagement activities are planned to keep the human and the pet engaged so spread some canine love till you get to be at #PETFED


While this journey of exploring new places to go to with your pet is on, #PetFed team came up with  Puppychino Day Out by Pet Fed , that was being hosted in Delhi’s only Dog cafe – #PuppyChino. and trust me being a part of this event was such a stress buster.

Puppychino Day Out by Pet Fed

So what is Puppychino – well its a Dog cafe right in Shahpur jat and its a must visit place for dog / pet lovers. Owned by Ms. Nayani Tandon and no prize for guessing that she is a dog lover herself and proud owner of 2 dogs who are found in the cafe most of the time.

Nayani with BOBO & Simba (Mascots for PuppyChino )

Read everything about this cafe Here 

The core idea behind the event was to get the pet lovers together over brunch at PuppyChino and help them explore this place and its love for dogs. And the view of dogs all around having fun was breath taking.The dog owners few of them being regular guest here were happy to see so many new entrants in the group and almost all interacting like parents do in a parents teacher meet. And all the dogs introducing each other using their Olfactory glands.

when we say it’s a dog cafe how can we miss on the dog food, well this place is up with a gastronomic trip for its patrons with a complete menu for Dog food.Have a look at the Pizza and pastas they grooved on.

having Pizza


Meet few regular guests at this Cafe 

The best part of these meet ups is they break the boundaries that Pets are just to be taken to parks not to cafes. and probably paves way for more such cafe across places to let the Pet owners spend some quality time without having to lock the pets back home.

Shruti & Duke 

So while this is her  5th Visit but Shruti was equally thrilled with so many more friends for Duke – her  labrador Dog who loves this place as much as Shruti does.


Having her white sauce pasta she mentions – ” I just loves the food here and a brunch here is always on the cards for me and Duke at this place, clearly you don’t have much choices to take your pet to, so even while I comes all the way from Mayur Vihar ( East Delhi ) but the time spent here is worth the ride.And the Duke loves the company of both the owners dogs here”


One more such visitor i came across was this cool gang who were here to just have food. While Abhishek  is in a business of pet nutrition and sells online at  – Dawgie Bowl  And his brand philosophy is “Good food is at the heart of everything ” and so thats what brings him at Puppychino , good food you see.

Enjoying Good Food

To make the event more fun and engaging the #PetFed team has organized a lot of fun games from musical chair for dogs to Selfie contest for dogs. And it was pure bliss to see the dogs perform like small kids.

Probably for the first time i saw so much love all around. Even animals communicate better than humans with the language of love. check out these clicks to live those puppylicious moments






And here is one with the gang ( And trust me it was not easy to make the humans and pets in the camera in one go. But it was perfectly okay as they were not here to get clicked they were here just for Fun, and they had oodles of it for sure.


So as most of us eagerly wait for the grand show on 17th Dec, dont miss out on smaller fun stuff happening day and day out by PETFED Team.





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