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Navratra Food Trail Day 1 : Navratra food Review

In India Navaratra’s  are celebrated with much fervor by fasting for all nine days and worshiping the Mother Goddess- “Devi”  in her different forms. Navratra Fasting is ideally the time to detox while the weather is changing, but the modern day Navratra fast are no where close to detox if you review the Menu of the Restaurants offering Navratra food from the very famous Navratra thali to navratra chaat , a lot of recipes made from Kuttu ka atta, sabbudana, potato, sweet potato, cottage cheese, peanuts etc etc .

Things to take care while on a #Navratra #Food Trail 

# If you want to enjoy perfect #Navratra food then opt for fine dinning options like Imly , else waiting for food on the counters drains you before you get to eat.

# Try to opt for something which you have not tried but if you are very hungry then go with your tried and tested menu. No experiments while you hungry.

# Try to check upon the preparation style and ingredients before you place the order if you are in doubt.

# Most of the restaurants display the original dishes so try to decide basis the presentation of the food before you order.

# If you are not very hungry don’t opt for a #Navratra Thali, rather go for other items on the menu.

# Always use your past experiences with navratra food with a particular brand / food you tried and don’t repeat the same mistakes assuming that food / place might have changed as you will have only 9 days to try it all.so always add new places to your list.

# Go by the recommendations from your friends about a dish / place to eat.

# Dont go alone for a food treat during navratra so that if you didnt liked anything you should have a partner in crime to finish it off and place another order for what you might like from the menu.

# Prefer less of deep fried food, as it might be tasty but not very healthy if you are fasting.

You can find Navratra food in most of the restaurants likeSagar Ratna , Haldirams, Nathus, Imly, Moti Mehal delux, and almost every mall’s food court. All chaat corners have special navratra chaat made in desi ghee, most of the food joints start serving food without onion and garlic as most people believe in not consuming non veg, alcohol and onion -garlic etc

A foodie is always a foodie and would always look for food, so today being the day 1 of fasting for Navratra I tried my hands on 2 outlets – Haldirams &  Imly

Here’s a quick feedback on what I tried at both the places.

Haldiram’s at Connought place 

Tried Navratra thali (Priced at Rs. 295/- plus taxes ), had 2 paranthas, 3 veggies (all cooked with gravy – aaloo sabji, arabi sabji & Paneer makhani ) , Sama rice pulao ,mixed veg raita served wth sabudana papad & salad and Gulab Jamun for dessert.

Navratra Thalli – Vrat ka khanna

Completely worth the money as everything was very delicious , made to taste just amazing for your navratra thali craving with rich gravies. Sama rice pulaao spiced to perfection and probably if you are 2 people then this is more than a meal for a fasting person, so if you are planning to have one thali you will definitely need a partner to finish everything. Gulab jamun was made so perfectly that I was in a doubt whether its the normal one or the fast wala gulab jamun. So everything good should end with a sweet and this was just the best.


But the place was super crowded at 2:30 pm and I literally had to struggle for 40 mins to just pick my order from the counter by fighting my way through the people waiting to snatch the orders(mind it, no one was picking up the orders ).

Haldiram's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Imly – Rajouri Garden 

We were a gang of people and were out there to try most of the stuff possible on offer. This place is super cool right from the entry till their service, brightly lit , awesome colors, and lots of stuff to keep you engaged within the store while you await the order and definitely lot of photo spots for camera lovers.

More then just awesome people

We had Sabbudana tikki, Aaloo shakkarkand (sweet potato )chat , sabudana pappad basket, sabudana khichdi , paneer makhani , sabudana ki kheer , vrat wale aalo and for drinks we had masala chaach, sweet lassi , mango shake. Since we were a gang we tried all of this, but still missed to try kele ke kabab , sev poori and papadi chat which would definitely be tried soon. So the food was amazing on taste and not to miss the presentation of the food was to die for, super cute cutlery and served in style. Probably the best every kuttu puri I had till date. This is a place to come in group, sit back and relax in a corner of your choice from inside the double decker bus , outside the bus inside the restaurant or  in the open air sitting. And just pick up the food of your choice and Enjoy ! And this food trail was closed with yummylicious sabuddana kheer- awesome color and loads of dry fruits. So dont miss this one  to be kind to your sweet tooth. A perfect sweet temptation to give in to while fasting.

Aaloo Shakarkand Chaat
Chaach, Lassi and Mango shake
Pappad trail

While everything we tried was superb on taste and most of the preparation were very crispy and truly palatable.Sabudana khichri was just okay.

Sabudana Kheer

Imly Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


*  Happy Navratra to You *

Hey ! Thanks for reading till the end , even if you have scrolled down without reading, please do leave your feedback in the comment on your experience with Navratra food.

And yes I did cried once after not liking the navrtra thalli at a place and then went to another placed ordered a thalli again and had it all alone.

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