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International Coffee Day Celebration – An Evening @ LeMeridien


A coffee lover doesn’t need any reason to have Coffee, Being A COFFEE LOVER i can simply enjoy a Coffee  with or without friends, while i am feeling low or feeling high, celebrating a success or a failure, cold or hot coffee, in cafe or at restaurant but not at home or office as for me sipping coffee is beyond just the cup i hold.

I Just love the line – A lot can happen over coffee from Cafe coffee day for it makes sense every time i have a coffee there.On 1 October 2016, the 77 Member States of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and dozens of coffee associations from around the globe came together to celebrate the second annual International Coffee Day. Though it was second for everyone else it was first one for me, and was extremely happy to be at Le Meridien New Delhi to celebrate this day with my besties.

While i always loved coffee but today i  even played with the Coffee beans like it was be a kid again day, so I did these coffee cup arts with the coffee beans and trust me it was fun and a great activity to be put for the International Coffee day.

Playing with the coffee beans

How can we not talk of food while we have coffee, loved the super awesome snacks while we enjoyed the freshly brewed coffee at Longitude with aroma of coffee all around engulfing the entire area paired with Coffee infused desserts and indian spices.

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And no coffee celebration is done untill we dont indulge in some coffee art Check video  you can spot 2 Baristas from the master baristas who crafted exquisitive destination inspired latte art and trust me it was treat to my senses epsecially my sense of smell.So the masters baristas  – Fiona gomes, Sahil Dhawan and rohit Tiwari were all out theRe to create those arts and serve streaming hot coffee & off course cold for whoever wanted a cold coffee.

The Darjeeling Tea infused jaggery eclairs (Check video ) was an yummy dessert to have, a perfect treat for a sweet temptation. It wasnt just a dessert but also a mouth freshners with the toppings used in the dessert and no doubt added a lot of colors. Probably we can try this fussion of mouth freshners with donuts / any creame based sweet dish , isnt it a very cool twist to a normal after food dessert that solves 2 purpose – the sweet treat and mouth freshner. other desserts were also good and heres the chef hiself explaining them to us (check video )

Darjeeling Tea Infused Jaggery coated Eclairs

Probably this dose of caffeine is something that i cant live without, so celebrating the 2nd International coffee day was the most obious way of ending a foodwalk and most importantly i could have it while i am fasting. So just don’t think twice indulge in coffee though out the year not just International Coffee Day.

Happy International Coffee Day to you









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