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15 Most difficult to cook Indian food

If you felt that cooking is not every ones cup of tea ,then we really cant agree more with you for the following curated dishes from India that we feel are the toughest ones to cook to perfection. Too many cooks spoils the broth and the dishes that requires a longer time even one cook is capable enough of spoiling the dish

1. Biryani (ratios, process):

Biryani is one such dish that if goes wrong in preparation than it completely goes wrong. A food that is a great combination of the right spices to add the great taste and flavour and right timing. Whether it is veg Biryani or Non veg Biryani this is one difficult to cook recipe for the layers of cooking that us involved mixing / adding the right ingredient at the right time. the entire cooking happens in one big vessel makes it all the more difficult on the timing. Not just the quantity of ingredients to the perfect taste but intensity of flame and right amount of water to cook the rice to perfection is also a difficult trick to match if not mastered well.

2. Akki Rotti & neer dosa :

This one is from South India and if you don’t practice this is one recipe that is very difficult to get perfect in the first go. Though over a period of time one develops the mastery on the cooking time and thickness. Infact timing is very important while making dosa and the biggest challenge is spreading the dosa just right.

3.Dal-bati :

This one is the most authentic Cuisine from Rajasthan. And is generally served as a complete meal and very famously known as Dal – Bati – churma. So dal is the lentil curry, Bati is made of dough can be given the status of bread or sides while churma is lightly sweet so we can say a dessert in this meal. Being a authentic dish from Rajasthan this one is made in pure dish ghee. And mastery is needed from setting the right balance right from the preparation time of the dough for Bati. And the trickiest part is the baking of the bati. If the dough preparation is good then it will bake to perfection else either it becomes too hard (due to less ghee content ) or can be too soft ( over dose of ghee ). So that’s the reason this one has made it to our list for of most difficult to cook Indian dishes

4. Sikandari Raan :

Sikandari Raan is a complete game on margination. Marinate it right you get a great , just marinate in a way that the entire leg is well spices. As Sikandaru Raan is nothing but a complete lamb leg that is cooked in tandoor. Probably one reason why people love consuming this outside in restaurants as they have tandoor available to handle such a bug piece of meat while cooking. And this size is one main reason that this one is a difficult to cook recipe. So brainer we have don’t justice with pick of difficult to cook recipe.

5.Haleem (Pate of lamb, bulgur and lentils; ratios, process)

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6.Sarson ka sag & Make ki Roti ;

This is a very famous north indian dish consumed during winters due to the seasonality of the green leafy vegetable sarso ka saag being one of the major ingredient here. Make ki roti is another big challenge like any other dough this one is very difficult to blend due to its coarse texture. Few mix some percentage of wheat floor to facilitate the smoothness of the dough and get a perfect shape. Ideally make ki roti is not done on chakla bellen this needs to be made using hands and oil to minus the friction and avoid cracking of the perfect round chapatti. If you though making the round chapatti is the tough thing then lets add even cooking it is not easy. Done on a very sim gas this one takes time. so while you make it don’t expect it to go out o fthe kitchen within a minute while you serving it hot on the table, this one is not wheat chapatti and takes its own sweet time to taste to perfection. Consumed with white butter and jiggery this is one food to die for. So can say all the hard work in up for reward for a great taste.

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7.Hak sag :

This is a dish made of greens in Kashmir , this is again a complete game of ingredients, details in the process of making and the perfect timing to cook it to the taste. Even a slight variation of any of the 3 can ruin this difficult to cook dish.

8. Gobhi Manchuri :

If you think the crispy Gobji Machuri is easy on cooking as its just another way of cooking Cauliflower then lets break it to you that s not true. This melt in mouth cauliflower floret is a work of great timing from preparation to cooking. If you don’t follow that well be prepared to miss the crispiness of this mouth-watering Indian food.

9. Galouti kabab :

Kababs are never easy either we talk of veg and non veg. another food that can be attribute to slow cooking should be cooked to perfection so that it is cooked completely. And in kababs the game of quality kababs depend upon the quantities. Yes quantities of ingredients the perfect ratios, freshness of the ingredients are all in to make or break a melt in mouth kabab. And if anything goes out of proportion the entire dish is screwed.

10.Nihari :

A killing preparation time of more than an half a day is not a joke and the better the margination happens over the night better the dish is expected to come out. Miss the timing and we have a poiled dish in hand. Nihari is again one of the yummiest food made out of lamb. And a great food to have in winters. This one is a game of a perfect margination in the aromatic gravy. So if you wish to relish it stand by 12 hours to make it to perfection.

11.Soan-papdi / pateesa :

Can you imagine just 2 ingredients can do wonders to make this indian sweet to perfection and so light that it melts in your mouth. At times it breaks while you are taking it out of the box. This is just sugar and gram floor that goes though so much of whipping that it turns into golden thin threads that makes patisa if you see the making you might probably not have it for a lot of reason we don’t wish to unfold.

12: Puran Poli-

if you had difficulty making sugar parantha then this one will definitely scrae you out. Imagine stuffing japggery and channa dal in form of powder and then baking it on the tawa like a parantha without melting the jiggery inside isn’t a easy task to accomplish. A mastery in making is much needed before you get your perfect puran poli.

13 Fried Modak :

Another sweet dish that is very famous in Maharastra , considered auspicious due to its consumption during ganpati days is not easy. If we are saying it is stuffed with sweetness inside and we need to fry this. Its is just the most difficult task to fry it with perfections so that the stuffing does not erupts out in the oil, and if it does your dish goes for a toss and so does your oil. Don’t say we didn’t cautioned you.

14 Jalegi :

This is our perfect pick of a difficult food. Not because of the preparation time but more because of the perfection which one needs to achieve while frying the jalegi in the piping hot oil on flame. To get the perfect crispy jaleni the nozel needs to be calibrated to the minimum thickness and whats more is the design which you make is quite complicated. Then its important to fill the entire pan before you start turning them. And if you turn early the crispiness will not come and if you delay it will turn brown which is not a good taste. So balancing the timing of this fermented batter through the nozel is nothing less than wrestling in the heat.

15 Ghewar

This is a traditional seasonal food from North India only available in monsoon around the Rakhi season. And to get this right is one of the most trickiest thing.

Available in 2 variants Malai Ghewar and Normal Ghewar is one thing you must relish in this season.

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