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The Beer Cafe – HARD TO BE HERE

Where : Ground Floor , Good Earth Centre , Sector 50 Gurgaon

Few Friday experiences might stay with you only if you find a great place to hangout with friends and enjoy the evening.

With increasing culture of Friday Night outs / evening outs , its get quite difficult to get a decent place if you have missed to make a prior reservation And it happens quite often.So this friday was no exception while we were busy throughout the week,though this team get together was planned from Wednesday but none of us bothered to make a reservation or check out some deals.

We searched for the near by place to our office and GOOD EARTH center seemed to be decent pick with 2 options to choose from either The Beer Cafe  or Tangerine.when we reached here we checked out both the placed and zeroed on The Beer Cafe , we have been here earlier also but that time they  did not had the liquor license – Might sound strange for a Beer Cafe to be operational without a liquor license but its true , since we quite liked this place so it was an instant pick between the two. we choose a secluded rare corner on the ground floor. And it was secluded to the core with a sitting arrangement for around 10 -12 people it had a huge screen bigger for the size of the audience it was supposedly catering to and its also the place where they have stacked the additional beer stock and also had the kitchen entry at one side of it….since the Air conditioning was not on as this area was not occupied so we requested for the same. Would like to highlight here the AC should be of a bigger capacity then the size of TV for such small sitting but as this wasnt the case here, we could still not feel any air conditioning happening . we placed our order for

  • Wheat Bear (since they had the offer 2+ 2 pints )
  • Fruit Punch with ice cream for myself as i am non drinker
  • Margarita
  • Vodhka with 7 up
  • Cosmopolitan

In food since most of us were Vegetarian so we went for the following

  • French fries (My All time fav )
  • tirchi toppi wale ( Mushroom starter )
  • Masala Nachos
  • Masala Peanuts
  • Chicken wings
  • Chilly Chicken
  • Paneer Tikka
  • Tender Chicken
  • Pizza

Of all the things Beer was not chilled , so first rule of a good beer cafe went on a toss. French fries were just amazing, with the perfect crisp , thickness and perfect blend of masala   – so hands up for the same while we kept reordering it. Trichi topi wale – Mushroom starter dish is also good to go for, and so are the Nachos and Peanuts, while chilly chicken was good , Chicken wings were not great. and Tender chicken was deep fried so it was chrispy but completely dry on taste.

Coming to the experience since this is the rare part of the Cafe, i think that’s the kind of treatment it gets when it comes to service. Everytime we needed anything we have to literally give a shout to the attendant to be heard and also all orders were requested more than once and were delivered to the table by the 3rd reminder So a big thumbs down for the same.

Pizza was not a good experiencing as the Cheese had a strange smell, but they were kind enough to take it back without asking for any explanation.

The strangest part of the entire experience was that though there was not much crowded like a Beer Cafe , the way it should be on a Friday evening but still we could spot the attendants requesting people who were just chit chatting and not ordering anything to leave / or vacate the table citing a reservation customer waiting. And we were shocked to hear when the same request was made immediately after serving our last order. We kind of got upset of the fact that they had a pre booking for this area and they didnt updated us since last 3 + hours that the people who had booked have arrived 2 hours back and waiting since then ( as we couldnt  believe that someone has that much time to wait to be seated :)) Anyways since we have not made a booking ,we immediately asked for the Bill and left. But thought of not coming back to the place in near future for reasons definitely more than 1.,.,.,.

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