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At Cafe Coffee Day – Its Just Coffee that you need to Trust

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“A LOT CAN HAPPEN OVER COFFEE ” Goes the punch line and no prize for guessing what brand I am I talking about here….

So this is one coffee Brand which is very close to my heart …..And probably this would be my only experience here that went wrong,,,, so does it qualify to be content enough that I should be talking about … Yes or may be not…

I had been very very experimental and probably I am the first person to try their craziest Drinks,  food menu and even to an extent all the merchandise that is on sale here.while there had been times when I had really loved most of their stuff, and still times when I have regretted the option I have gone for in drinks followed by a reorder of my all time favorite Plain Frape.

I am sure most of you Must have tried the new  Summer Slam menu which is currently being featured in the stores. I could manage to go for one in the first week of May. and being a sweet lover my obvious choice from 3 variants of smoothies – Kolkata Rasmalai Smoothie , Mumbai Strawberry Pom Smoothie and Bengaluru Mango peach smoothie was Kolkata Rasmalia Smoothie – Not that I am a KKR Fan or I love IPL but for the simple fact that I love Rasmalai  ( may be I can’t say that post this experience )…

I don’t know how this drink is prepared but what came was a smoothie loaded with sugar syrup and crushed rasmalai which tasted like a hard sponge garnished with Nuts nothing close to how it appeared in the Promotional image., so my 1st turn off.

Just having one sip, I could figure out this one is not for me. I checked with the manager if he could do something about the drink … but knowing his constraint all i could request was please dilute this, and yet it was as sweet as syrup … so had to send it again to be diluted… of course  the smoothie has gone by now and still the super dose of sweetness refused to go…. having no choice I had to leave the Drink just like that on the table itself…..

So yet again I learned my lesson ( and of course which I am not going to follow ) that you should stick around to something that the place is best known for and here in this  case – A Lot can happen Over Coffee,,,, so doesn’t matter whether lot happens or not, only Coffee should happen to you

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