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DCC Pet care – Best Place for pets in Delhi NCR

If you are reading this,you certainly have a pet or you are a animal lover just like the  most amazing humans who own a pet.

This lockdown was tough on most of us. But think about the animals who are born wild but were confined to the boundaries due to the pandemic.  Now is the time to take the leap and take your Pet to this pet heaven on earth. Lush green lawns, state of art hospital and super cool pool , day boarding facility , pet Grooming and Pet  shopping everything under one roof literally under the sky and that’s #DCCPetCare , a #PetHospital in Sector 23A Gurugram. DCC Stands for Dogs Cats & Companions

The DCC animal hospital is for every animal lover created by animal lovers. They bring wealth of expertise from all over the world with best emergency care facility Utilizing the most advanced medical technology led by Doctor Vinod Sharma. The hospital not only offers Physical examination checkups and preventive care to address,  Diagnose and improve serious health problems but it also offers easy tracking of everything about your pet. Every medical record of your pet is maintained by keeping everything in one place and that is DCC pet partner app. One app that makes it  really easy for you to monitor and keep a track of the health of your pet by just a press of a app,  from vaccination to deworming , not only that at any point in time you can look at the history of previous treatments, prescriptions and health progress records. Along with the physical examination at the hospital with appointment,  DCC partner app also offers one if it kinds Tele consultation from the comfort of your home. You can book a telephonic video consultation as per your convenience from 9am to 7pm.

Heres a quick Overview of the Medical facilities at DCC animal Hospital

1.  Diagnostic  and therapeutic services

The hospital takes care of all the health needs of the pet including complete in house laboratory facilities with intensive care unit for the pets.

2.  Prevented care services

The doctors are equipped to manage preventive care for your pet by recommending regular health checkups vaccination deworming and nutrition requirement for your pet.

Watch this to know more about DCC

3. Radiology and laboratory services

Surgery room

The in house laboratory facilities provides for serum chemistry, haematology , Serology,urinalysis, cytology and parasitic testing. On site digital X-ray equipment provides high quality radiographs to aid in quick diagnosis of many disorders. Hospital offers complete in hospital diagnostic procedures including blood profile and ultrasound they utilize commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostic and consultations.

4.  Dentistry services

Now if you feel that only we need dental services then have a look at this specialised division at DCC hospital. If you’ve been to a dentist you can probably relate to the space because it’s pretty much similar but the only fact is it is for our pets. They offer teeth cleaning, polishing, tooth extraction and oral surgery’s here. Trust me guys this is one of the cleanest dental facility I have seen.

Dentistry room

So now you know what all the hospital offers…Now let’s move to the most exciting offerings of DCC Pet Care division.   This place is like coming to a mall but not for humans. Think of anything under the sun and you will literally find it here for your pet – grooming services, boarding services , daycare facility And much more.

Grooming services

If your pet loves to be  Pampered and loves  the pet spa ,  Grooming spa and lounge Offers A-day of relaxation and true indulgence to your pet. Different animal breeds have different grooming requirements but what stays common is hygiene. The grooming services here pamper your pet with bathing nail clipping, trimming air cleaning teeth cleaning and other services and as I said different breed different requirements and so are the charges starting from Mini to small , medium and large just the way your pet is based on size and breed.

DCC Pet Care Card

Boarding services

  If you have skipped the party with your friends or missed that special getaway your friends planned for a long weekend just because you didn’t wanted to leave your pet behind & none of your friends families were available to take care of your pet, this place comes to your rescue. If you are looking for pet stay for overnight or for the day or many many days with their own private space , with a view to outdoor space completely air conditioned and closely monitored by CCTV, this place covers it all .They have separate spaces for cats and dogs outfitted with bed’s toys and anything that you’re think that your love needs.Not just that the pet is even given time to walk ,play with a specialised diet according to their needs and of course lots of love. Just like a home for them away from home. So don’t delay your  Get away plans just because you felt nobody can take care of your pet the way you do. Go ahead and book a staycation for your pet  today and have a guilt-free holiday because your pet  is definitely having a great time here.

Daycare services

The day borders can enjoy the facility here with lush green grounds and other amenities available at the hospital like pet toys for, Pool for the entire day.Get your pet plenty of exercise and personalized training and socialization. They have created a schedule of activities for the pets during their stay that helps keep the pet mentally and physically stimulated for a better overall growth. This also helps the pet structure their walks, behavior correction and socializing with other guests pets as well as human beings. Just like us a pet outing for a pet should be beyond the daily park walks and this place takes care of everything that your pet is missing out on a mundane life.

Pool for pets

Well well if you are still reading, then you must be looking to right away Google the location to take your pet to this place, making it easier for you by giving you every detail right here

Address :

DCC Animal Hospital & Petcare – Dogs Cats & Companions
Jagdamba Farm, Carterpuri Marg, Sector 23A, Gurugram, Haryana 122016
093115 60101
Check it on the Map.

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