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Awsum Ayurveda Inspired Chocolate

We all know ” Chocolates” are known to be the instant mood lifters but do you know that chocolates can be good to boost immunity ,Sleep , Active Immunity and fight Stress too. You may say that I am talking of some medicines or pills not chocolates.

But I am talking of Awsum chocolates that are crafted to help you sleep  Better manage Stress boost your immunity and help you get over those midday energy crashes..

Awesome chocolates are Created with a vision to start with a vision to kick start an alternate wellness revolution by building a community of people working to unleash the greatest version of themselves using watch they call it nature’s Pharma.

So here I am quickly reviewing 4 variants of this chocolate which I have just received

1. Awsum Sleep : As the name goes this chocolate is designed to give you a healthy sleep cycle it is Loaded with unique blend of active ingredients that work together to calm your mind and promote restful sleep.It has camomile, Passion flower, velarian roots , ashwagandha and Melatonin. Now you know why this is a calming and sleep inducing chocolate.

2. Awsum Daily Energy: This particular chocolate is a dose of steady flow of energy. Daily energy fuels your internal power source by delivering active ingredients that store energy production at cellular level it increases concentration, boosts productivity and improves focus. The goodness inside it comes from natural caffeine , green tea vitamin B12 ashwagandha and Ginseng. I find it absolutely perfect for quick hunger pranks during the binge watching that we do late night.

3. Awsum Active Immunity: Now this is something that is definitely gonna Excite you for a simple reason that we are all looking for Immunity boosters during these testing times. Active immunity supports a healthy immune system With a superstar blend of natural herbs and botanicals to keep you at your best it helps you fight against cold cough and flu it has no side effects no allergies and it is a holistic ayurvedic nourishment. Let’s let’s talk about it’s ingredients this is loaded with tarmaric gilloy amla moringa and Ginger. And that is a perfect package for great Immunity.

Buy it Now – HERE

4. Awsum Good bye stress : We’d work from home option and increased screen time has impacted the stress levels. It’s the need of hours to keep the calm and stay alert because a stress body is the obvious target for any infection. Goodbye stress chocolate is expertly blended with powerful botanicals and nutrients to help counter the acute effects of stress and anxiety these little things are known to elevate mood relaxes mind and body and are definitely non addictive. Coming to the ingredients the goodness inside comes from L theanine, Brahmi, ashwagandha and lemon balm.

Coming to the most important thing , Where to shop for these awesome chocolate.Well! that’s easy ,simply visit and place your order.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla

15 comments on “Awsum Ayurveda Inspired Chocolate

  1. Never knew such chocolates were available. I would like to daily energy and active immunity for obvious reasons.


  2. Madhu Bindra

    This is really interesting, something new for me. I will surely check these out.


  3. Wow, really!! I had no idea about such chocolates. These are actually awesome it seems. Will definitely try soon.


  4. Ayurveda and chocolate… now that is quite a combination. I usually avoid chocolates because of nuts. But would love to these soon.


  5. Monidipa Dutta

    This is the first time I am hearing about Ayurveda chocolate yet, this seems wonderful to me. I’d definitely try it!


  6. Thank you for introducing us to something so different. Never imagined that Ayurveda and Chocolate could make a wellness product. Checking it out.


  7. Ayurveda and chocolate make a great combination. Thanks for letting me know, I would love to try:)


  8. I love chocolates. This is a great concept of combining chocolate with ayurveda to help with sleep or stress. Great you wrote about this. Will try them out. Are there any specific prescription you need for these?


  9. Ayurvedic and Chocolates..that too for sleep? Am I dreaming? I have an issue with my sleep. Please tell me where these chocolates are available? I would like to try them out.


  10. I had heard of the brand but did not know the product details. Guilt-free chocolate indulgence! The sleep one sounds like it was made for me 🙂


  11. A wonderful collection of Ayurveda Chocolates, honestly I never knew of such chocolates. Your review shows the products are promising. I would love to try immunity one.


  12. I know that eating chocolates gives a bout of energy to people. But immunity also? Its a news to me and now I have every reason to eat my chocolates.


  13. Waah! This is something new to me,I would love to try these 🙂


  14. Good to know about the chocolates that help induce sleep and helps to build immunity. This will be easy way to keep stress at bay and having chocolate with goodness.


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