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Gujiya – A Must try Holi Delicacy

If you are a North Indian then you can’t really have a Holi that’s without Gujiya in it. It’s the quiet essential part of the entire festival.

While I was a kid it was made weeks ahead of Holi and we used to have turns & everyday the women in society will take turns of Gujiya making , it was almost like a relay in the society. And nothing could be more satiating  than a freshly fried Gujiya. I only knew one Gujiya and that was homemade and if I remember I never saw Gujiya on a shop in my hometown because it was one thing that was made in every household irrespective of being rich or poor and every community had its own kind of filling and shape and size.

And here in 2021, I am trying so many Gujiya- from variety of filling to variety of shapes and variety of flavors and its really wholesome yet an overwhelming experience of a kind .  So here’s sharing all the Gujiya that I have tried so far in Delhi NCR in my quest to get my hands on as many Gujiya as possible and it’s gonna take me over 3 months of gyming  to burn this out.

Gujiya by Miles n Meals

When it comes to the festive food ,Ruchi is my go to person for the most authentic festive delicacies. And after trying her Onam Sadhya ,Navratra Thali  etc I was so looking forward for her Gujiya range and she surprised me with the variety which she is offering- Normal Gujiya,Baked Gujiya, Vegan Gujiya,Sugar free Gujiya and Her holi hampers doesn’t end here. Another thing that defines this festival of colors is off course colors and Thandai  so the hampers has natural colors and Homemade Thandai and even the Kanji vada

Variety of Gujiya by Miles n Meals
Natural colors
Homemade Thandai

So if you plan to make it authentic and wanna grab something to linger on this Holi here’s the link to shop

Homemade Gujiya made with personal care and best of the ingredients, to bring you the purest joy of the festival. The Gujiya here is made in smaller batches to maintain the same taste. I have tried all their varient and just loved them

Baked Gujiya from Miles n meals

Holi special menu by Masala Monk

Some places are always on your go to list and just like miles n Meals, Masala monk is another of my favorite when it comes to  curated food & Its such a coincidence they both start with “M”. The detailing of the food and packaging is followed to the T with the special touch of going an extra mile in making everything look authentic, exclusive & classy at the same time.  They specialize in creating live party experiences. You just have give the number of guest and they will take care of everything to host the party for you. And the Holi Menu is something to seriously die for. It’s not only exhaustive but too inclusive as well keeping in mind the changing  food preferences people have these days. But a Gujiya lover like me will only focus on Gujiya inspite of the 100 items which they have for Holi special menu ,I am stuck on Gujiya  and why because they are the best and here’s the reasons why they are claiming to be the best and more premium than any another in the market.

  • It comes with Minimal sugar, which means the Gujiya is stuffed  with more  dry fruits and nuts.
  • Made in HIGH-quality Desi Ghee 
  • The external shell is really thin and flaky – making it really hard to handle while making it – the damage is high.
  • The packaging – comes in a really nice and sturdy box, designed for long-distance travel and keeps the Gujiya delicate delicacy safe for delivery across India.
Gujiya by Masala Monk

And if you think they will only have one kind of Gujiya than you are absolutely wrong . They have taken care of new age millennials who love to have chocolate in almost everything so here’s the Chocolate Gujiya

Chocolate Gujiya by Masala Monk

Now coming to the most important point how to shop, Well here’s the link  to Shop on MasalaMonk and the good news is they deliver across India so this is your time to maintain the social distance and still share love on Holi.

Haldiram Gujiya

This was my first place where I went while looking for Gujiya early March  as someone suggested me that they are having baked Gujiya and I was sure they only have the Syrup Soaked Gujiya. But I was surprised to see their range of Gujiya. From Normal sugar syrup Gujiya to Ghar wali Gujiya in various variants & even a Diet Gujiya too. Now more than anything I was curious of the diet Gujiya so picked some and here’s have a  quick look at the Diet Gujiya

Haldirams Diet Gujiya

The diet Gujiya as the name suggests is for the people who are dieting.  Baked and with flaxseed & Musk melon seed filling its something you should try if you are dieting. You like it or not that depends on your taste buds.

Haldirams Ghar wali Gujiya

The Ghar wali Gujiya is definitely better than the one that’s soaked in sugar syrup but still is very sweet. I could not finish one in one go.

Gupta Namkeen

I have never tried them. But a dear colleague who comes from west Delhi after looking at my Gujiya spree bought me Gujiya from Gupta Namkeen and I must say it’s the best that I had from any sweet shop who normally offer the extra sweet version of the Gujiya. The Baked Gujiya is what I tried and just loved it.

Baked Gujiya from Gupta Namkeen Rajouri Garden

Hathras  Sweets Gujiya

I have never tried this place but while searching for #Baked Gujiya this place showed on zomato and that’s how I ordered for Gujiya from #HathrasSweets. They were having 2 versions of Gujiya I opted for the dry one and that probably meant not the sugar syrup one and it came nicely packed with really large size Gujiya.

Hathras Sweets Dry Gujiya

The outer cover was slightly thick but the filling was good and for the price it was a good buy.

Dana Choga Gujiya

These are some new entries in my Gujiya list as I was not expecting these places to have Gujiya on their menu and most surprising is to read the description of Gujiya being defined as the fried dumplings by almost all sweet shops

While the one which I picked was Vanilla Tutti Fruity Gujiya so now you know where the simple Gujiya is heading. The Gujiya was fried one but it was okay.

Aggarwal Bikaneri Sweet Gujiya

Now this place really had been as it came on zomato search for Gujiya and I was like I have to try this as the menu mentioned Desi Ghee Gujiya ( Fikki ) which should be sugar free but I think that was to say it was not sugar syrup coated

The size was good and so was the cover but the filling came across as very basic as if made from leftover milk cake. But otherwise it was value for money on the price they are selling so it’s unfair to compare their Gujiya with the others.

Homemade Gujiya

The quest for Gujiya will go on till holi and I am happy that I got hold of mom made Gujiya from another friend and it was such a delight to dig into this really perfectly sweet Gujiya that was fried.

I am truly obsessed with baked gujiya and I am so happy it’s seasonal else I would have ended destroying myself eating so much of Gujiya through the year.

Don’t miss to share in comments which Gujiya you loved the most

A self proclaimed storyteller who loves food and is a health freak to the core. A person who has got a sense of humor to lighten up the most serious stuff. i love the life as it comes, planning is not my cup of tea since i am coffee lover. I brew my own jokes in all situations and love being my own audience. Happy go lucky is the attitude that i carry around. and i stay away from people who throw attitude(cant understand why they carry the weight of their attitude when all they can do is to throw it on others )

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  1. WoW Gujiya! my favourite.. And a Very Happy Holi!

    The wellspring of joy

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