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Beetroot Punch – Energy booster drink

Beetroot is one Vegetable that gives you the feeling that it is loaded with a lot of health benefits the moment you slice it. Deep dark pink colour is a clear indication it’s very good for blood purification and boost the haemoglobin in our blood.

So today the blog is all about a very simple energy drink that you can make with Beetroot.

They finished this in less than a minute

In my house beetroot is consumed as salad and we cut it into small pieces and put it in cold water this takes away the hitting taste of beetroot and makes it easier to consume raw beetroot. So while having salad we used to throw away the pink water that’s when I thought why not use it. So I tried drinking it and it tasted ok.

So here’s a quick recipe that I am calling beetroot Punch because it has beetroot water as the base. Not just beetroot this recipe also includes a very common medicinal plant ” Tulsi “. We all know Tulsi is loaded with medicinal properties and nowadays it’s important to have a good immunity. So let’s get started

#Tulsi Leaves

Have a look at the ingredients

  • Few peels of Beetroot or chunks of Beetroot – 4-5 peices
  • Tulsi leaves 5-6
  • Glucon D- 2 spoon ( Orange 🍊 flavor preferred but you can use Powdered sugar or Honey in place of Glucon D )
  • Ice cubes


  • In a large glass Pour water and add chunks of Beetroot , Leave this for 2 hours till the water turns deep pink
  • Now remove the chunks / peels of beetroot and seive the water for making the Beetroot Punch
  • Add glucon D and mix well
  • Crush the Tulsi leaves with hands and add to the drink.
  • Add ice cubes and enjoy a refreshing energy booster drink.
Hand crushed #TulsiLeaves

This is a perfect drink to have once you are back from office or gyming, and even kids enjoy it like anything. you can also try adding lemon and black pepper if you want to spice it up.

This healthy recipe blog is a part of the blog train run by gorgeous Ms Prisha, Check her latest blog – Here . I was nominated by Disha and you can check out her latest blog – Recipe : Stuffed mushrooms. And I passed this further to Cindy, don’t miss to check her amazing blog on Sugar Scrub & Reasons why you should Include it in your skin care regimen.

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5 comments on “Beetroot Punch – Energy booster drink


  2. Wow this drink seems super yummy, especially for the kids.

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  3. Wow. Never had j thought beetroot could become such a yummy drink. I struggle getting my younger sister to eat it. Will try this with her. Super creative idea👍

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow it’s a great idea to serve beetroot to kids. I have always tried beetroot as in ABC juice


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